Pest Control For Hospitals And Healthcare

Pest Control For Hospitals And Healthcare

24/7 Pest Control For Hospitals And Healthcare

Pests can cause untold mystery for hospitals and healthcare businesses. Not only can their presence harm your reputation amongst staff, patients, and visitors, but they can also present a serious health risk to vulnerable patients.

Pests In Healthcare: A Hidden Problem?

According to one recent pest control survey that looked at 7 UK hospitals, these essential healthcare institutions spend just 1% of what they spend cleaning windows on pest control. Of course, clean windows are important in a hospital, but so is maintaining a pest-free environment. Within any hospital, there will be numerous vulnerable patients with compromised immune systems. A compromised immune system means that exposure to what might otherwise be a mild disease or pathogen can have lethal consequences.

Given the great lengths that surgeons and doctors go to in order to maintain high standards of hygiene, many people are shocked to discover that the hospital as an institution is not adhering to the same stringent requirements. Patients expect a clean hospital environment free from pests. There are enough diseases present in hospitals without insects and rodents bringing in even more. Pests can also help spread diseases that are already present further than they would otherwise be able to travel.

The sight of pest control technicians working inside a hospital can be alarming for patients and their families. That’s why Bon Accord promises to provide a discrete yet thorough pest control service to any healthcare facility that needs it. We can rid you entirely of any pests in your facility without disturbing patients or staff. Whether you are looking for a one-off extermination of a specific problem or ongoing treatments to keep pests at bay in the long-term, Bon Accord is ready to help.

Common Pests In Healthcare Environments

There are more pests in most hospitals and healthcare businesses than most would care to admit, but the most problematic are rodents and bedbugs. Bedbugs latch on to clothes, luggage, and any other fabrics that come into contact with them. Once they have infested a piece of furniture, usually a bed, they establish themselves quickly. Bedbugs propagate at an impressive rate; an infestation can spread throughout an entire facility before you even realise they’re there.

Bedbugs don’t pose a risk to human health; they don’t carry diseases of pathogens. However, they can create numerous other issues for patients and hospitals. A bedbug-infested bed will need to be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised before a patient can use it. A single infestation can shut down an entire ward, causing significant logistical issues for healthcare businesses.

Rodents are a more pressing concern. Rats and mice are adept at establishing themselves wherever they can find food and shelter. They can make their way through the narrowest of gaps and secrete themselves in long-forgotten cavities. Not only do rodents spread disease, but the sight of a single mouse or rat in a hospital is disastrous for its reputation.

Healthcare facilities have a legal obligation to take all measures necessary to keep rodents and other pests out of their kitchens. The presence of pests in a kitchen can lead to fines and legal action. If a healthcare facility has to close their kitchen due to pests, it can mean shutting the whole facility until they deal with the issue.

Flying insects are a common sight in commercial kitchens, including hospital kitchens. Hospital kitchens should install electronic fly killers and other traps and monitor them regularly.

Why You Need Professional Pest Control

Whenever you suspect a pest infestation in your healthcare business, time is of the essence. Failing to act quickly and decisively can give a manageable infestation time to grow and turn into something much more difficult to deal with.

All of Bon Accord’s pest control technicians hold full British Pest Control Association accreditation. This accreditation is the mark of a professional outfit. It lets you know that we know our stuff. Our experience dealing with a variety of pest infestations in every imaginable setting makes us perfectly positioned to come in and rid any healthcare business of their pest problems.

After you contact us, we will arrange a time to come and make an initial assessment and evaluate the situation. Once we know exactly what we are dealing with, we will present you with a range of suitable treatment options. We guarantee that we will completely clear any infestation, even if it requires multiple visits. If you have a pest problem in your hospital or healthcare facility, contact Bon Accord immediately to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

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