Pest Control For Construction Sites

Pest Control For Construction Sites

Of all the potential hazards on a construction site, pests might seem like one of the least threatening. But a building site is still a workplace; no one wants to work alongside mice and rats. Construction sites also provide plenty of places for pigeons, starlings, and other birds to nest, as well as perches from where they can rain droppings down on workers, equipment, and infrastructure. If you aren’t mindful of the potential problems these pests can cause, they can quickly wreak havoc on any worksite.

Keeping Construction Sites Free From Pests

The presence of pests represents a severe hazard to workers and a potential threat to your business’s image and reputation. If pests contaminate your PPE, your workers won’t be able to do their jobs safely, no matter what steps you take. Infestations can also impact dining areas, where they have the potential to cause severe illnesses. If the health inspector visits while you have an active outbreak, they could levy some serious sanctions against your business, including shutting down the site and bringing all your work to a halt. Bon Accord has helped numerous construction businesses to remove pests from their sites, as well as providing them with the advice and guidance they need to maintain a pest-free working environment. We offer both one-off exterminations and ongoing treatments, depending on what your business needs to meet health and safety obligations.  If there is an active pest infestation on your construction site, we guarantee we can rid you of it. Where required, our technicians will come in out of hours so as not to cause disruption or alert anyone to the problem. If your site is clean, but you are concerned about the potential for an outbreak, we will give you the guidance needed to make sure it stays that way.

Common Pest Issues on Construction Sites

The most common problems that pests cause on construction sites are related to drainage. Constructing new buildings means opening new sewer lines. These provide rats with the perfect entry point to the site. Any food or litter left behind by workers will provide mice and rats with food. Sugary food and drinks will attract various insects. On many construction sites, workers are eating out in the open, not in an enclosed canteen. This means that pests have much easier access to leftover food.

How to Deal With Pests on Your Site

When dealing with any pest infestation, time is of the essence. The longer you leave pests to their own devices, the deeper they will entrench themselves and the more difficult it will be to get rid of them. Not only this but unless you intervene quickly, even seemingly harmless pests can cause untold damage to your construction business. The nature of construction sites draws some pests to them naturally; there’s not a lot you can do about this. However, there are several things you can do to make their presence less likely. For example, installing pigeon spikes, either temporarily or as part of your construction design, will keep birds from perching or nesting in sensitive areas. You should do this before they become a problem. Birds are particularly problematic pests because disturbing them or their nests requires a licensed professional in England under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Pest Control for Construction Sites From Bon Accord

Whether you suspect a pest infestation or you have a confirmed outbreak on your construction site, you should contact Bon Accord immediately. We will arrange a time to come and make an assessment of the site as soon as is convenient for you. During this assessment, we will confirm whether you have a pest infestation and precisely what pests are present. Based on this assessment, we can present you with a range of suitable treatment options. We will go through every detail of our treatment plan with you, explaining what we propose to do and why. Once we are both satisfied, we can arrange a time to come and begin our work. If you need us to work while the site is empty, we will do our utmost to accommodate this. When we tackle a pest infestation, we guarantee success. No matter what state your building site is in when we arrive, we promise that it will be a pest-free environment when we leave. We can also provide our services on a recurring basis where necessary, returning as many times as needed to achieve satisfactory results. If you have a pest problem on your construction site, Bon Accord is ready to help. Contact us today to discuss your needs and arrange for an initial assessment.

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