Penetrating damp how to fix

Penetrating damp how to fix

So Penetrating damp how to fix it ? It’s usually relatively easy to identify the root cause in cases of minor penetrating damp, if the problem isn’t too severe, you can usually fix it with some simple DIY techniques.

If you’re lucky, spotting the problem is as simple as identifying the internal signs of damp and then checking the corresponding area on the exterior of your property. If you’re lucky, there will be clear signs of water ingress, and you can immediately make plans to fix the issue.

Whether you can fix any case of penetrating damp without the assistance of a professional will depend on the severity of the underlying defect that’s allowing water to enter your property. As well as fixing the underlying building defect, you may also need a professional to assess the extent of the damage your property has suffered as a result of the damp. If you’re unsure about any part of the process, it’s safer to call in a professional to make an assessment on your behalf and advise you of the best course of action.

Penetrating damp how to fix

Many cases of penetrating damp arise because guttering and downpipes become damaged or blocked. In these cases, removing the blockage and repairing any damage to guttering will prevent further water damage.

Another common cause of penetrating damp is damaged windows. Whether through physical damage or ageing, a dilapidated window can let water through, which will then cause water damage to your property’s interior.

Similarly, if the dip grooves are blocked, rainwater won’t drain away properly.

You should always repair damage to your roof as swiftly as possible; a damaged roof will cause numerous issues if you ignore it; water ingress is just one of them. Unless you have experience fixing roofs, you should call in a professional contractor to assess and repair the damage.


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