Mice in storage unit what to do

Rodents present a constant threat to self-storage businesses and their patrons. While any respectable storage business will have an active pest control program to reduce the chances of an infestation ruining their customers’ belongings, this isn’t always enough to keep every unit free from mice and rats. And while storage businesses prohibit the storage of food and other perishable items because they are likely to attract rodents, some people flout the rules or forget that the things they’re storing contain perishables. Whether you rent a unit from a commercial business or you own your own storage unit, you need to know what to do if mice manage to make their way in.

First and foremost, if you are renting the storage unit from a commercial business, inform them that they have a pest problem. They can then alert their other customers and step up their pest control policies to minimise the damage to people’s possessions.

Before you place any items into storage, make sure they are clean. Mice love crumbs, so if you put your sofa into storage without first vacuuming all the crumbs and other debris out of it, you could find it covered in rodents when you go to retrieve it.

Look for any signs of a nest in your unit. If you find an active mouse nest, contact a professional pest controller to take care of it. If there’s no nest in the unit itself, you can deal with the rodents by laying down traps or poisoned bait. If you know how the mice are getting into the unit, seal it up as best you can.

When cleaning up after an infestation, you should wear a face mask with a HEPA filter and wear rubber gloves at all times. Use a disinfectant spray and damp cloth to clean any surfaces you can and kill off any viruses that might be present.

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