London restaurant with rats and cockroaches has received a huge fine.

itv News reported, a London kebab restaurant with rats and cockroaches has received a huge fine.

A London kebab shop that was infested with rats, cockroaches, and feces has been fined approximately £4,000 in damages and costs for posing a substantial health hazard.

Inspectors from Enfield Council fined Ponders End Kebab for a “repulsive insect infestation” that owners “completely neglected to control.”

Choking images display a variety of cockroaches that found their way into food packaging, preparation, and storage areas.

Cockroaches caught in a trap in a north London kebab shop

Credit: Enfield Council

The council said it was in the public interest to prosecute

“This was a genuinely disgusting pest infestation,” said Councillor George Savva from Enfield Council.

“The huge population of cockroaches on site posed an imminent risk to public health and their presence was compounded by inadequate cleaning practises with dirt, food debris and cockroach faeces found in food storage and preparation areas,” he added.


The hygiene problems got worse after the kebab shop closed for a deep clean and inspectors found it was infested with rats.

Following the kebab shop’s closure for a thorough clean, hygiene inspectors discovered it was infested with rats, which worsened the condition.

“Food businesses need to understand that they are obligated to take the necessary measures to protect the public from harm,” Councillor George Savva explained.

“The lapses in food hygiene and pest control were utterly unacceptable and that was reflected in the sentence handed down by the court,” he added.

In August 2020, a customer alerted the council to a roach crawling around the shop.

When officers turned up it only took a matter of minutes to spot the problem.

EBM Catering LTD which trades as Ponders End Kebab and the director were fined £436, ordered to pay half each of the Council’s costs £3,283.12 and a victim surcharge of £43 each, or a total of £4,241.12.

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