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Is it normal to see more roaches after the exterminator comes?

Yes, it is completely normal to see more roaches after the exterminator comes and finishes the cockroach treatment.

They will use highly effective roach bait which will attract them to come out from the hiding and feed on a tasty treat.

After the roaches take it back to their nests, all cockroaches in the indoor and outdoor environment will eat it and be eliminated.

A lot of times you will see more roaches for a few hours even days because that is what usually takes place during extermination time.

Once they are dead, the problem will go away without coming back. Usually it takes 7 to 14 days to eradicate the whole colony.

Exterminators use a very effective cockroach bait which is highly attractive for roaches to take back to the nest and feed all other roaches in that nest.

Roach infestations

Roach infestations can be extremely difficult to eliminate yourself.

Most people never get rid of them on their own. Roaches reproduce at an alarming rate, laying up to 50 eggs per sac and 200-300 during their lifetime.

They are fast breeders – producing an egg capsule every three weeks with up to 40 young. This means a small number of roaches can quickly turn into a big problem!   They can also live many months without food – waiting for you to leave your home so they have access again!

They live in hiding so it’s impossible to target them directly with sprays.

Roaches will eat almost anything and can survive without food for relatively long periods of time, so they may still be present after the bait application.

They won’t start feeding immediately as they need some time to come out from their hiding places and find the roach baits first.

Some people who use pesticides themselves (trying to do it on their own) end up having roaches spread all over their homes. Pesticides are not effective against roaches like these – especially since they usually eat outside and only come in at night when you’re asleep. Roaches will never touch a pesticide placed anywhere but where they are already feeding or wanting to feed (like the bait). They don’t search your kitchen in the morning to take their breakfast.

Professional exterminators

Professional exterminators use clean, safe and effective pesticides which are designed specifically for roaches.

Also, they will apply it in all the right places where you should never spray by yourself (like wall voids or attics)

There is much more than just spraying pesticide when it comes to getting rid of these bugs! Professional pest control providers know how cockroaches behave and where they hide. They use this knowledge to make sure all of them are eliminated successfully. Without professional service, there is no guarantee that you will get rid of them completely even if you try several times using DIY methods. You can be unsuccessful because many times it’s not possible to reach some areas or do some procedures by yourself.

Professional pest control services are the safest and most effective way to get rid of these bugs.

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Is it normal to see more roaches after the exterminator comes?

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