Do mothballs repel cockroaches?

Is a palmetto bug and a cockroach the same thing?

The palmetto bug or Florida woods cockroach is a large cockroach species which typically grows to a length of 30–40 mm. It is native to the southeastern United States where it is common in Florida, and less so in coastal areas of the Carolinas.

The large size the palmetto bug attains enables it to fly when adult, but can make control difficult if not impossible for amateur pest control experts using domestic insecticides. Palmetto bug infestations can be very alarming and may cause a widespread panic.

Does Bon Accord Pest Control offer professional Florida woods cockroach control?

Yes, our pest control professionals have been servicing homes in the major cities of the UK for over 15 years. Whether it’s a palmetto bug or a cockroaches infestation, we solve all kinds of pest issues across London and the rest of the UK. Search your postcode on to find out more information about our pest control services near you.

Why should I choose a professional London based pest controller?

Pests are becoming an increasingly difficult issue for local councils to resolve due to budget cuts and increasing numbers of local authority pest control services. As well as this, the rise in popularity of amateur self applied pesticides has created an environment where pests are becoming more and more resistant to what’s currently on the market.

As a  team of professional pest controllers , Bon Accord Pest Control uses integrated techniques that work to resolve your issue long term with minimal impact on the surrounding habitat or environment. When working with us you can expect fast results which are guaranteed to solve your pest problems for good.

It has been reported that there is a rise in the number of people who are concerned about pest control and it is often a topic which will be discussed on many social media platforms. Bon Accord Pest Control’s aim is to provide all of our customers with fast, friendly and professional service across London and the rest of the UK.

If you have any questions or would like some advice from our team, please give us a call on or fill out an online enquiry form here .

What makes me choose Bon Accord Pest Control over other pest controllers near me?

As well as having over 15 years experience as professionals , we always arrive on time for appointments and work around your schedule. Our job starts when we walk through your door, we provide a tailored service which is designed to meet your specific needs. We offer discounts for loyal customers who want ongoing treatments and can also provide free consultations if you’re unsure about what kind of pest control issue you have.

Thak we can carry out any type of work anywhere in the UK at a competitive price. We provide you with all the information necessary to make an informed decision regarding our services and if required even arrange a follow up visit after a job has been completed.

Do I need permission or Insurance?

All Bon Accord Pest Control’s technicians have Public Liability Insurance cover as well as being fully qualified in their field ensuring that they are always fully prepared to deal with any pest issues you may have.

Bon Accord Pest Control works within strict guidelines and careful health and safety procedures which ensure that we do not cause any undue stress or inconvenience to ourselves and our customers.

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Is a palmetto bug and a cockroach the same thing?

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