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If you see a cockroach in your room, what should you do?

If a person spots a cockroach in the house, it should be trapped in a sealed container and reported to the local pest control company as soon as possible.

People often see this insect as a dirty bug but it can cause serious diseases. In fact, they are responsible for more than one-third of asthma cases among children under the age of 18. Some health effects from roach droppings include dermatitis and other skin rashes that can be quite uncomfortable.

“Cockroaches have been apparent human pathogens for at least 4,500 years,” said Dr Jonathan A. Bernstein, an allergist and immunologist at University of Cincinnati Academic Health Centre in Ohio .

Many people think that cockroaches carry disease by transferring germs on their legs or bodies to food surfaces or onto hands when they crawl across these surfaces. In fact, cockroaches eat the germs and then carry them on their body when they crawl into your food or onto your desk to eat crumbs. They do so by regurgitating a pasty substance containing a large amount of germ proteins which can lead to allergic reactions in humans according to researchers at the University of Kentucky .

Reasons why you should hire professional pest control                                     

There are many reasons why you should hire professional pest control service for cockroach removal from home or office, especially if you have asthma or other respiratory issues. Some of these reasons are listed below.

   Cockroaches can foul up your food and damage fabric, papers, books and other surfaces. Therefore, they should be exterminated as soon as possible to avoid further health problems for people with respiratory issues

 If you have pets, regular pest control companies won’t use synthetic pesticides to kill cockroaches because it is toxic for pets too!     Professional pest control services specialising in chemical-free treatments will make sure there are no dangerous residues left behind after the treatment is over. 

Pest Control Company Services

Bon Accord Pest Control Company uses safe eco-friendly products that are 100% UK compliant with all UK Health & Safety Guidelines – which means that the product has been tested by UK Government approved laboratories before it can be used to treat household pests

This company uses only the safest products available on the market which are safe for everyone including kids and pets!

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If you see a cockroach in your room, what should you do?

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