How to stop water penetrating walls

How to stop water penetrating walls


So How to stop water penetrating walls? Most of us take it for granted that our homes are waterproof. Other than shutting windows when it rains, we don’t usually have to worry about water ingressing into our homes and causing structural or cosmetic damage. Unfortunately, not all water damage is immediately obvious. If water is penetrating your walls, you often won’t notice anything amiss until the water seeps through to the interior of your property. Before you can treat penetrating damp, you need to pin down the root cause. There is a range of treatments available, but there is no single solution that will cover every occurrence.

How to stop water penetrating walls

The only way of ascertaining the root of the issue is to inspect your property. If you’re unable to locate the cause or you don’t know enough to make an assessment, you should call in professional help as soon as possible. Your landlord can arrange the appropriate inspection if necessary.

If the damp is due to a structural defect, the only solution is to correct the defect as soon as possible. Depending on the nature of the defect, this can either be quick and simple to resolve, or it might be more involved. 

On the other hand, if the defect is the result of damaged masonry or the use of porous bricks in construction, you will need to look at other options. Bricks can be treated with water-repellent substances that prevent any moisture from entering.

The costs of treating penetrating damp will depend on several factors, but it mostly comes down to the scale of the problem. The larger the affected area is and the more water damage there is, the more costly and expensive it will be to fix the problem. In the most extreme cases, you might be looking at internal renovations in addition to the external repairs.

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