How to seal foundations from mice?

How to seal foundations from mice?

So How to seal foundations from mice? Like people and other animals, mice need a warm place to shelter when it’s cold outside. During the winter months, rodents will often seek shelter in people’s homes, taking advantage of the food and warmth available. Because a home’s foundation is closer to the ground, where mice spend most of their time scurrying about, this is one of the most common entry points they exploit to make their way indoors. Mice can squeeze through the narrowest of gaps and cracks in your home’s foundations to gain entry. If you want to keep them out, you will need to seal them up thoroughly.

How to seal foundations from mice?

When selling your home’s foundation against mice, the first thing you need to do is examine it for any physical damage. You are looking for any cracks or gaps that have formed that a mouse could squeeze through, as well as any signs of the physical damage that a mouse might have caused. You can check to see whether mice are using these cracks to gain entry to your home using either of the following methods:

1 – Shine a UV light over the area. If there’s any mouse urine, it will show up clearly under UV.

2 – Spread a layer of flour or talcum powder on the floor in the surrounding area. If mice are using the damage to enter your home, they’ll leave tracks leading up to the damage.

As long as the cracks in your foundation aren’t too severe and don’t threaten the structural integrity of your home, you should be able to seal them yourself. Sealing cracks early will prevent them from spreading and preserve your wall’s integrity. However, if your foundations’ damage is severe, you should call in a professional contractor to assess the situation.


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