How to rat proof your car

How to rat proof your car

So How to rat proof your car? Rats are everywhere. Wherever people live, so do rats. We provide them with everything they need to survive; food, water, warmth, and shelter. Obviously, people’s homes have all of these things, but rats don’t just nest within residential properties and businesses. Rats will also happily build their nests in camper vans, garages, outbuildings, and even cars. As long as they have food and water within easy reach, rats will nest just about anywhere they are sheltered from the elements and potential predators. Fortunately, keeping them out is easy if you know what you’re doing.

How to rat proof your car?

If you use your car regularly, it’s unlikely that rodents will set up shop in its interior. They prefer environments where they are less likely to be disturbed by human activity. But if you only use your car occasionally or you need to store it for an extended period, you should aim to make it as inhospitable as possible for rats. A simple way of doing this is to leave the hood of the vehicle open. Rats look for dark, concealed areas to build their nests and this will deny them one of the most obvious choices. However, this isn’t viable if you’re storing your vehicle outdoors and might not be a good long-term solution.

If you’re storing any food in the same area as your car, make sure it’s properly sealed so rats can’t get to it. This includes pet food, especially dog food, which rats absolutely adore.

You should also check the surrounding area for any cracks or holes that rats might use to gain access from the outside. If rats can’t get into your garage to begin with, they won’t be able to access any vehicles you have stored in there. Similarly, many motorists have found that placing traps around the vehicle to block entrances to the engine compartment prevents rats getting inside.


No one wants to deal with bugs, rats, micecockroaches, flies, textile pests, insects, wasps, hornets, or bee control and ants in their house or business.

Pest infestations should be addressed as soon as possible, since if left unchecked, they might spread rapidly and cause structural damage to your house, health risks, lots of stress or even a fire danger.

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