How to make a bin cage for mice

Bin cages are an increasingly popular way of providing mice and other small animals with a spacious cage that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. As well as being a fun, simple DIY project, Bin cages offer several advantages over conventional cages. They are low-cost and easy to make, making them very popular with parents in particular. They’re also lightweight, easy to transport, and simple to clean out. Many people use bin cages as travel cages or temporary cages alongside their regular mouse cage. You can make a bin age for less than £20 using easily-available materials and tools that you probably already have lying around at home.

The main component of a bin cage is a plastic tub. Transparent tubs are easier to clean, but any sufficiently large plastic storage tub will suffice. Cut out the centre of the lid so only the edges remain. Do the same for at least two of the container’s sides, but ideally all four for maximum ventilation. Next, cut small holes about half an inch from the openings you’ve just cut out. You want them to go all the way around each opening.

Use wire mesh to cover each of the windows in the sides and lid of your bin. You can use zip ties or wire and the holes you’ve just cut around each window to secure the mesh in place. Make sure you thread them through so that there aren’t any bits sticking out inside the cage.

Check the bin cage for any sharp edges and file them down. Adding a perimeter of duct tape to each of your windows will give you some added security and make your bin cage look neater.

All you need to do now is add bedding, food, and water. Oh, and a mouse!

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