How to kill rats in the loft?

How to kill rats in the loft?

So How to kill rats in the loft? After invading people’s homes, rats love to set up shop in lofts and attics. Lofts provide the perfect environment for rats to build their nests. They are dark and sheltered; most people only venture into their lofts occasionally, so rats are unlikely to be disturbed and can remain unnoticed for as long as possible. Lofts are also warm and insulated. In fact, the insulation used in lofts and attics is prized among rats for building their nests. By building their nests in the loft, they gain access to a virtually limitless supply. Finally, nesting in the attic ensures easy access to food from the people living below.

If you suspect you have rats living in your attic or you have already confirmed the presence of an infestation, you should work to take care of the problem as quickly as possible. The longer you leave rats to settle in and reproduce, the more difficult it will be to get rid of them. 

The most common methods for dealing with rodent problems are traps and bait. You can buy lethal or humane traps, depending on your personal preference. Placing these traps around your attic will bring the number of rats down and might be enough to eliminate a relatively small infestation without further intervention. Make sure to check them regularly after you set them and remove any rats they have ensnared.

Poisoned bait can also wipe out a rodent infestation relatively quickly, but you won’t have any control over where the poisoned rats die. A stray rat carcass behind your walls or hidden out of sight amongst the clutter in your loft will soon start to decay and give off an awful stench.

The most reliable way of getting rid of a rat infestation in your attic is to call in a professional pest controller. They are more expensive than off-the-shelf solutions but come with the guarantee of success.

How to get rid of rats?

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