How to keep rats out of shed? 

How to keep rats out of shed?

Rats love to go where they aren’t wanted. Their agility, combined with their ability to chew through seemingly impenetrable materials, enables them to find their way into homes, garages, outbuildings, and sheds. Many people use their garden shed to store tools, pet food and other supplies they want to protect from the elements. All it takes is a few rats to cause some serious damage, and they don’t need much time to do it. Prevention is the best cure when it comes to rodent infestations; it’s easier to keep rats out of sheds and other buildings than it is to clear them out once they’ve built a nest.

How to keep rats out of shed

Some shed owners prefer to pre-emptively lay down traps and poison instead of waiting until they know rats are present. If pets or small children are likely to explore your shed, this might not be such a good idea. But otherwise, this can be a very effective preventative measure. If you do put traps down, you need to check them regularly, even if you aren’t aware of an active infestation. A dead rat will quickly decay and cause a terrible stench in your shed that can be difficult to shift.

Most sheds are simple wooden structures, and there are often small gaps and other potential entry points in the walls and doors. Rats can fit through much narrower gaps than many people realise, so it is worth sealing up any holes you can see. Rats can chew through most things given enough time; wood doesn’t stand any chance against a determined rat. Check the exterior of your shed regularly for any signs of rats trying to get in.

Finally, if you are using your shed to store any human or pet food, ensure it’s completely sealed and protected. With these simple steps, you can all but eliminate the possibility of rats infiltrating your shed.


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