How to keep mice out of storage unit

Mice Control & Mice Proofing – We will keep mice out of your storage units. London is home to a rich diversity of life. Unfortunately, some of that life wants to share your home with you. How Do You Get Rid Of Mice? Our Pest Control Experts at Bon Accord will help.

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How to keep mice out of storage unit effectively

how to keep mice out of storage unit How to keep mice out of storage unit?

Mice are a constant threat to storage units. Storage units can attract mice for numerous reasons; if you have any food or other perishables stored in your unit, mice will happily come inside for a free meal. Similarly, if you put crumb-filled furniture in storage without cleaning it first, you may well come back to find it infested with mice. There are some simple steps you can take to reduce the chances of mice infesting your storage unit.

The most important rule for keeping your storage unit mouse-free is never to use it to store food, even if that food has a very long shelf life. This applies to pet food and other perishable items as well. All of these are pretty much guaranteed to attract a rodent infestation.

Most storage units have garage-style doors that leave relatively large gaps around the edges. Don’t underestimate mice’s abilities to squeeze through seemingly-impossible gaps. Seal off any cracks or gaps you can that mice could conceivably use to gain entry to your unit. Leaving some cedar blocks in the corners of your unit is a good way of deterring mice, moths, and other pests.

Everything that you put into storage clean as thoroughly as possible beforehand. Fabrics should be cleaned and wiped down to remove any food crumbs, insect eggs, and other potential sources of pest problems. Don’t assume that just because it looks clean, it is clean.

If you’re able to check on your stuff now and then while it’s in storage, you should do so. You can spot infestations early and deal with them immediately.

Get Rid Of Mice In Storage Units

Encountering a problem with pests? Call 020 3369 6965 now for an appointment! Bon Accord can help resolve your mice infestation in a single visit

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