How to get rid of moths?

How to get rid of moths?

If you have a moth infestation in your home or place of business, contact the professionals at Bon Accord to schedule an assessment and treatment plan. We specialize in how to get rid of moths and providing both residential and commercial solutions for how to handle these pests.

A moth infestation can be characterized by small flying insects that are attracted to light and cling to clothing. The larvae of clothes moths will feed on wool, fabrics, fur, feathers or any animal-based products you may have stored in your home. Carpet moth larva feeds on carpets or upholstery containing protein fibers such as wool or silk.

Moth eggs hatch within a week after being laid close to the fabric they were deposited on. They go through four phases before becoming adults: egg larvae (crawlers) pupae and adult. Only one generation is produced per year but depending how long it takes for them to reach adulthood each phase could take from two weeks up to six months!

Why Should Moths Be Treated, How to get rid of moths?

Moths are a sign that your clothes were attacked by larvae. They can cause major damage to your wardrobe in the form of holes and stains, so how do you get rid of moths? Treating them is key!


You may already be aware that one way to stop moth infestations from happening again involves putting all your clothing into sealed plastic bags before storing away. There’s also other methods such as using cedar balls or lavender sachets. But how about some natural products made just for this purpose? Here are five ways you can use to keep those pesky moths at bay without resorting to toxic chemicals:

– Borax* – Place borax powder around problem areas like your closet shelves and drawers.

– Eucalyptus* – Use this to make your own natural moth repellent by mixing a tablespoon of the essential oil with two tablespoons of water in an empty spray bottle. Shake well before each use.*

– Cedar balls or sachets – These are especially good at getting rid of moths because they contain oils that have been proven effective against them. If you want, replace some or all of your cedar balls/sachets with other natural alternatives such as lavender.*

– Grapefruit peel extract – Spray the grapefruit juice on clothes inside sealed plastic bags (replace every few days). This will help keep away any pesky larvae from laying eggs there again! Alternatively, you can use citrus peels in a sachet like how people traditionally do with cedar balls.*

– Arrowroot powder – You may already have this on hand since it is used to prepare foods. Sprinkle arrowroot powder over your clothes and shoes for an all-natural solution that helps repel moths from the fabrics they love to chew on!

Clothes moth treatment for home and business

There are many things you can do to get rid of clothes moths, and it’s important that you take steps as quickly as possible before they reproduce. The first step is identifying how the moth got into your home or business because this will tell us how we need to treat them. You might hear people talk about how their infestation started from a bag left on the floor in storage for too long or even an old wool sweater being stored with sweaters made out of synthetic fibers. If these are cases where there was no food source available then those items should be thrown away and not used again until all traces have been removed by cleaning plus vacuuming thoroughly.

If the infestation started in an area with food, then you’ll need to focus on removing what is attracting them such as pet hair or lint that has accumulated over time; be sure your vacuum cleaner bag isn’t full before replacing it with a fresh one because they can start breeding again if there’s too much leftover hair or debris inside. Then wash all of these items thoroughly after making sure any zippers are closed and seal them in plastic bags afterward; this will prevent anything new from getting inside until you’re ready for use again. It may sound like more work than we want to do but remember how important our clothes are – so worth the little bit of extra effort!

Another thing you could try is how to get rid of moths from carpets:

After vacuuming, you should sprinkle borax powder or diatomaceous earth over the carpet and let it sit for 24 hours so the pest can’t escape; this will kill them off if they crawl across it in search for food or a mate. You might be tempted to throw these items away but that won’t help because any eggs may still be hidden inside – don’t forget how difficult clothes are to launder without some damage! Be sure not to vacuum up any leftover powder as well before moving on with your day.

Finally, how do we prevent moth infestations in future? Preventing an infestation from happening in the first place is much easier than how to get rid of moths, so be proactive and take these steps right away:

– clean your clothes regularly after wearing them; this will remove any food that may still cling onto fibers. It’s also a good idea to store sweaters made out of wool with those made out of synthetic materials as well because they can both breed if left together too long, even without an available food source! Finally, don’t forget how important it is not to leave bags on the floor near storage until you’re ready for use again or else anything hidden inside could escape into our home.

Clothes Moth Treatment for Home and Business – How To Get Rid Of Moths And Prevent Infestations In Future |


How Do I Know I Have A Moth/Beetle Infestation?

Moths are mainly a pest on carpets with all or some wool content. The Carpet Beetle prefers bird’s nests, cereals & dead rodents/birds over carpeting. It is the larvae that cause the damage (these are grubs) adults do not feed on wool but pollen & nectar; they only mate, lay eggs then die – usually it’s undisturbed areas of carpet or clothes that have not been worn for a long time. Often when you move furniture, there will be some damage or if it’s in an area where people gather and they notice the problem because the smell is strong.


If you see any signs of moths: mothballs are poisonous to pets; vacuum regularly and thoroughly but avoid using excessively wet cloths as this encourages them to breed more quickly; remove carpets from rooms which do not need them – close off all dark spaces & seal cracks with silicone caulking before winter (as their eggs can survive cold temperatures); use insecticides on exposed surfaces

What Are The Best Ways To Prevent A Moth Infestation?

– If you find a moth larva in your clothes, brush it away and place the clothing where it can air out. This will help stop the eggs from hatching.

– Regularly check for any holes that could allow larvae’s access into your home or business property even if they are not close to natural light sources such as windowsills. Carpet beetles love hiding under carpets with inadequate ventilation but this is one of the most common ways to get rid of them!

How Will My Bon Accord Technician Identify And Treat Moths In Your Home Or Business Property?

Your technician will first conduct an assessment by taking a look at how the property is used and how it is being maintained. This will help them determine how to get rid of moths in your home or business effectively. They may also need to assess any structural damage that could be attracting these pests.

How To Get Rid of moths

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