How To Get Rid Of Mouse

Are You looking for mouse exterminator? London is home to a rich diversity of life. Unfortunately, some of that life wants to share your home with you. How Do You Get Rid Of Mouse? Our Pest Control Experts at Bon Accord can help.

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Eliminate Mouse In One Day

Mice are one of the most common pests in the UK. They are found throughout urban environments such as London, but they are also a standard fixture in rural properties. Many people assume that as long as they keep their property clean and follow basic hygiene practices, they don’t have to worry about mice moving in. But mice are sneaky and tenacious; they are good at establishing themselves in a variety of environments.

After discovering mice in their home, most people will lay down some traps and poisons and call it a day. These DIY methods are effective at killing individual mice, but they won’t do much to deal with the underlying problem. It is rare for a single mouse to move in on their own. If you find one specimen, you almost certainly have many more hiding nearby. Because mice breed rapidly, an infestation that isn’t dealt with robustly is likely to establish itself quickly.

If you suspect a major mouse infestation in your home or business, you should call in a professional pest control service like Bon Accord to deal with the problem. We won’t waste time picking off individual mice; we will get straight to the heart of the issue and address the underlying reasons for mice being there to begin with.

Remove Mouse Food Source

Like any animal, mice need food to survive. One of the most common reasons they decide to invade a property is because they are looking for a free and easy meal. If there is food on display in your home or business, mice will eventually find their way to it.  

Because they are such small rodents, mice don’t need much food to survive. They can happily get by on the crumbs and other leftovers and food debris that people and animals leave behind. This includes the crumbs and bits of food that find their way into the tiny cracks and crevices you wouldn’t think a mouse would be able to get into. If you have pets or animals on your property, their feed is likely to attract mice, especially if you don’t keep it properly secured. 

While they don’t need much food to survive, access to more food means families can grow larger. The more food they can get to, the more they will breed and the bigger the problem you will have to deal with. In most mouse families, there is a single male and two or three females, along with their young. Some families will also include a sub-dominant male. Female mice have a short gestation period, enabling a single breeding pair to produce thousands of offspring in a single year. The main limiting factor is access to food.

Act Quickly 

How To Get Rid Of Mouse How To Get Rid Of Mouse?

Time is of the essence when you are dealing with a potential mouse infestation. As soon as you notice the telltale signs of mice on your property or you come face to face with a live specimen, you need to get in touch with a pest control professional immediately.

The longer mice can run freely through your property, the more exposed you and your family will be to the diseases they carry. They will also work their way through your property and possessions one bite at a time. Mice can chew through a range of materials and cause enormous damage if left unchecked.

Block Up Holes It Will Stop Mouse Infestation

Mice are tenacious little rodents; they will find their way into even the most seemingly-secure properties. One of the most effective things you can do to minimise their presence in your property is to block off the holes and other small gaps they use to get in. 

Mice can squeeze themselves through the tiniest of cracks. Gaps in windows, walls, and doors will all grant them entry, as will pipework, including gas lines. When mice can’t find an existing entrance, they will often create their own. The moment you discover a hole that you think a mouse has made, you need to block it up.

Call In The Pros

Anyone can kill a mouse. You can even lay down traps and poisons, allowing you to sit back and let them do the work. But if you want to deal with the infestation itself, not just individual mice, you need to call in a professional extermination team.

Professional pest control experts don’t just bring the equipment and experience needed to deal with a mouse infestation, but they also know where to find the cracks, crevices, and holes that mice use to get in and out of your property.

No one wants to have mice in their home, but having mice running rampant around your business is an even bigger problem. As well as the health hazards they present, and the damage they can cause to property, the sight of mice in your business can be extremely damaging to your reputation. Any mouse infestation must be dealt with quickly and effectively. That requires a professional touch.

Getting Rid Of Mice: A Checklist

  1. Act quickly. As soon as you see a mouse in your property, you need to take action to address the infestation. Always assume there are more nearby.
  2. Remove their food source. Without access to food, mice won’t be able to sustain large families and will struggle to establish themselves.
  3. Block up any holes that mice can use to gain access to your property. Don’t underestimate their ability to squeeze through tiny gaps.
  4. Combine poisons and traps with longer-term mouse-proofing strategies to clear an infestation and keep mice away for good.
  5. Don’t hire pest control “professionals” who have no plan beyond using traps and poisons. They know these won’t work and they’re relying on the inevitable repeat business.

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The only surefire way to rid yourself of a mouse infestation and be sure that they aren’t coming back is to hire a professional pest control business like Bon Accord.

Our pest control technicians have the knowledge, experience, and strategies needed to beat even the most stubborn mouse infestation for good.

Encountering a problem with mouse?  Call 020 3369 6965 now for an appointment! Bon Accord can help resolve your mouse infestation in a single visit.

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