How To Get Rid Of Mice

If you’ve noticed signs of a mouse infestation in your home, it’s time to take action. How to get rid of mice? The first step is to determine the type of mice you are dealing with. Knowing the species of mice can help you choose the most appropriate control measures. Learn how to identify the signs of a mouse infestation, prevent future infestations, and safely eliminate mice from your home.

Determine the Type of Mice in Your Home 

It is important to determine the type of mice in your home, as some methods of removal are more effective on certain species than others. For example, some mice may be more resistant to certain repellents. Look for signs of mice such as droppings and nesting material to help identify the type of mouse in your home.

How to get rid of mice? House mouse (mus musculus)
How to get rid of mice? House mouse (mus musculus)

If you have seen a mouse in your home, take note of its size, colour, and behaviour. House mice are usually grey or brown in colour and are around five inches long. They are also known to be very active during the night. If you find larger mice, they may be field mice, which can grow up to seven inches long. 

mouse droppings
mouse droppings

Make Your Home Less Attractive to Mice. Clean and Seal Any Entry Points. 

Mice are attracted to food and shelter, so it is important to make your home less attractive to them. Store food in sealed containers and keep a tidy kitchen, as mice are drawn to cluttered and messy areas. Also, make sure to seal any cracks or crevices that could be used as entry points for mice. 

Mice can enter your home through tiny cracks and crevices, so it is important to take the time to thoroughly clean and seal any potential entry points. Use caulk, steel wool, or other good quality materials to fill any gaps or holes.

Set Traps and Monitor Activity

Using traps is an effective way to get rid of mice. Choose a type of trap that is most suitable for your situation, such as live traps or snap traps. Place the traps in areas that have seen mouse activity and check them regularly. Be sure to dispose of any dead mice in sealed bags and away from your home. 

Use Repellents to Discourage Mice

There are a variety of repellents available that can be used to discourage mice. These include electronic repellents, natural repellents such as peppermint oil, and chemical repellents. Repellents can be used in conjunction with traps to help keep mice away.

Bait Stations 

Bait stations are a safe and effective way to get rid of mice. Place the bait stations in areas that have seen mouse activity, such as near walls or baseboards. The bait should be placed in a way that prevents children and pets from accessing it. 

Hire a Professional Pest Control Company 

If you are unable to get rid of the mice in your home, it is best to call a professional pest control company. They will be able to identify the species of mice and provide the most suitable treatment for your situation. 

Getting rid of mice can be a difficult and time-consuming task. However, with the right knowledge and tools, you can successfully get rid of the mice in your home. Remember to take all necessary precautions and follow the steps outlined above to ensure that the mice are removed safely and effectively. Mice control cost.

Take Preventative Measures to Keep Mice Away 

Once you have successfully gotten rid of the mice, it is important to take preventative measures to keep them away. Keep your home clean and tidy, repair any cracks in your walls or baseboards, and store food in sealed containers. These measures will help to ensure that mice do not return to your home.

How to get rid of mice fast?

Hiring a professional exterminator is the only way to get rid of mice fast. Mice can quickly become a major problem in your home, causing damage to furniture and walls, contaminating food and spreading disease. 

If you have noticed the signs of a mouse infestation, such as droppings, gnaw marks, or strange noises, then it is important to take action immediately. A professional exterminator is trained in the most effective methods for getting rid of mice. 

Mice Proofing

They will be able to identify the type of mouse and will use proven methods to capture or eliminate them. This may involve setting traps, using bait, or using chemicals. The exterminator will also be able to assess the extent of the infestation and provide advice on how to prevent further infestations. 

Trying to eliminate mice on your own can be time-consuming and ineffective. DIY methods such as using traps, poison, or home remedies may not be able to get rid of all of the mice. 

A professional mouse exterminator has the knowledge and expertise to quickly and effectively get rid of mice. Hiring a professional pest control company is the only way to guarantee that the mice will be gone for good. They will be able to identify the areas where the mice have been nesting.

Most Common Mice In The UK

The UK is home to many types of mice, all of which can be found in and around homes and buildings.

The most common type of mouse in the UK is the common house mouse, also known as the brown or grey mouse. This mouse is small, usually around 4 to 8 cm in length and has a long tail. It is a very adaptable creature and can survive in many habitats, including urban areas. 

Field Mouse

Other types of mice found in the UK include the Field Mouse, which is larger than the house mouse and is usually found in fields and meadows. It is brown or grey in colour and is a very active species. 

Harvest Mouse

The Harvest Mouse is another species found in the UK, often near hedgerows and reed beds. It is much smaller than the other species, usually only around 3 cm in length and is usually brown in colour. 

Wood Mouse

Finally, the Wood Mouse is a species that is often found in woodland areas. It is brown in colour and has a white underside. It is usually around 8 cm in length and is an agile climber. 

Mice can cause a lot of problems for people, often damaging property and spreading disease. It is important to act quickly if you spot a mouse in your home or garden and take action to prevent an infestation. 

No matter what type of mouse you are dealing with, it is important to remember the immortal words of the poet Robert Burns, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men, gang aft agley.”

Check the professional association for the UK public health pest management industry called BPCA.

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Eliminate Mouse In One Day

Mice are one of the most common pests in the UK. They are found throughout urban environments such as London, but they are also a standard fixture in rural properties. Many people assume that as long as they keep their property clean and follow basic hygiene practices, they don’t have to worry about mice moving in. But mice are sneaky and tenacious; they are good at establishing themselves in a variety of environments.

After discovering mice in their home, most people will lay down some traps and poisons and call it a day. These DIY methods are effective at killing individual mice, but they won’t do much to deal with the underlying problem. It is rare for a single mouse to move in on their own. If you find one specimen, you almost certainly have many more hiding nearby. Because mice breed rapidly, an infestation that isn’t dealt with robustly is likely to establish itself quickly.

If you suspect a major mouse infestation in your home or business, you should call in a professional pest control service like Bon Accord to deal with the problem. We won’t waste time picking off individual mice; we will get straight to the heart of the issue and address the underlying reasons for mice being there to begin with.

Remove Mouse Food Source

Like any animal, mice need food to survive. One of the most common reasons they decide to invade a property is because they are looking for a free and easy meal. If there is food on display in your home or business, mice will eventually find their way to it.  

Because they are such small rodents, mice don’t need much food to survive. They can happily get by on the crumbs and other leftovers and food debris that people and animals leave behind. This includes the crumbs and bits of food that find their way into the tiny cracks and crevices you wouldn’t think a mouse would be able to get into. If you have pets or animals on your property, their feed is likely to attract mice, especially if you don’t keep it properly secured. 

While they don’t need much food to survive, access to more food means families can grow larger. The more food they can get to, the more they will breed and the bigger the problem you will have to deal with. In most mouse families, there is a single male and two or three females, along with their young. Some families will also include a sub-dominant male. Female mice have a short gestation period, enabling a single breeding pair to produce thousands of offspring in a single year. The main limiting factor is access to food.

Act Quickly 

How To Get Rid Of Mouse How To Get Rid Of Mice Fast?

Time is of the essence when you are dealing with a potential mouse infestation. As soon as you notice the telltale signs of mice on your property or you come face to face with a live specimen, you need to get in touch with a pest control professional immediately.

The longer mice can run freely through your property, the more exposed you and your family will be to the diseases they carry. They will also work their way through your property and possessions one bite at a time. Mice can chew through a range of materials and cause enormous damage if left unchecked.

Block Up Holes It Will Stop Mouse Infestation

Mice are tenacious little rodents; they will find their way into even the most seemingly-secure properties. One of the most effective things you can do to minimise their presence in your property is to block off the holes and other small gaps they use to get in. 

Mice can squeeze themselves through the tiniest of cracks. Gaps in windows, walls, and doors will all grant them entry, as will pipework, including gas lines. When mice can’t find an existing entrance, they will often create their own. The moment you discover a hole that you think a mouse has made, you need to block it up.

Call In The Pros

Anyone can kill a mouse. You can even lay down traps and poisons, allowing you to sit back and let them do the work. But if you want to deal with the infestation itself, not just individual mice, you need to call in a professional extermination team.

Professional pest control experts don’t just bring the equipment and experience needed to deal with a mouse infestation, but they also know where to find the cracks, crevices, and holes that mice use to get in and out of your property.

No one wants to have mice in their home, but having mice running rampant around your business is an even bigger problem. As well as the health hazards they present, and the damage they can cause to property, the sight of mice in your business can be extremely damaging to your reputation. Any mouse infestation must be dealt with quickly and effectively. That requires a professional touch.

Getting Rid Of Mice: A Checklist

  1. Act quickly. As soon as you see a mouse in your property, you need to take action to address the infestation. Always assume there are more nearby.
  2. Remove their food source. Without access to food, mice won’t be able to sustain large families and will struggle to establish themselves.
  3. Block up any holes that mice can use to gain access to your property. Don’t underestimate their ability to squeeze through tiny gaps.
  4. Combine poisons and traps with longer-term mouse-proofing strategies to clear an infestation and keep mice away for good.
  5. Don’t hire pest control “professionals” who have no plan beyond using traps and poisons. They know these won’t work and they’re relying on the inevitable repeat business.


Read more: Pest advice for controlling Mice from British Pest Control Association

The only surefire way to rid yourself of a mouse infestation and be sure that they aren’t coming back is to hire a professional pest control business like Bon Accord.

Our pest control technicians have the knowledge, experience, and strategies needed to beat even the most stubborn mouse infestation for good.


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