How to get rid of mice in your loft

It is hard to get rid of mice in the loft because they are very good at hiding. We need to keep our eyes open for any evidence that they have been there and use traps or poisons to kill them.

Mice are usually found in lofts as they love to make their nests in the insulation. They can also be found in roof spaces if there is a hole or an open door.

The best way to get rid of mice is by using a humane trap that will catch the mouse and release it into the wild. There are also other methods such as using glue boards, poison, traps and repellents.

Humane traps: These traps are designed to catch the mouse without harming them while they move them outside. The most popular humane traps are live cage traps and snap-type live cage traps.

Glue boards: These boards work by luring mice onto them with food bait and then trapping them on an adhesive surface when they try to eat it.

So How to get rid of mice in your loft ?

If you’ve been noticing strange new sounds and smells from your loft, these could indicate that a family of mice has decided to move in. Lofts provide the ideal environment for mice to build their homes, especially if you’re storing any kind of pet food up there; mice like to be as near to reliable food sources as possible. Understanding why mice want to live in loft spaces makes it much easier to work out how to get rid of them.

How to get rid of mice
How to get rid of mice

One of the main appeals of most attics for mice is the multiple entry points. Mice can enter and exit attics at will thanks to tree branches, gutters, downspouts, and even small cracks in roofs and exterior walls. This convenience of entrance and egress make it much easier for mice to scavenge for what they need and then return to their nest efficiently.

Like all animals, mice escape from the cold weather. Because heat rises and many lofts are insulated, they are perfect for keeping warm. Mice are also timid creatures that prefer to stay hidden whenever possible. Lofts provide them with ample hiding spaces,

5 Tips on How to get rid of mice in your loft

1. Use poison or traps to kill the mice.

2. Seal any holes or cracks in your loft that may provide entry for the mice.

3. Clean up any food or crumbs that may be attracting the mice.

4. Remove any potential nesting spots, such as old paper or cardboard boxes.

5. Get a cat! Cats are natural predators of mice and may help to keep the population of mice in your loft under control.

If you are having trouble getting rid of the mice in your loft, it is best to consult a professional pest controller for advice and assistance.

How to get rid of mice in home ?

A question that many people ask is how to get rid of mice in home. The first thing to do is to make sure that the house is clean and free of any food sources. This means that all food should be stored in airtight containers, sealed, or thrown away. All garbage should be stored in airtight containers as well and should not be left outside where it can attract pests.

The second thing you can do is to make sure that there are no holes or gaps around the house where mice can enter. This includes gaps under doors, gaps between siding and foundation, gaps around pipes or wires, etc. You can also use sticky traps to catch the mice before they enter the house so you don’t have a problem with them inside your home.

Mice Pest Control Services in London

If you want to get rid of any mice living in your attic, you will need to remove their necessities. That means decluttering so they have nowhere to hide, plugging any gaps they might use to get in and out, and either string food elsewhere or ensuring that it’s completely sealed so they can’t get at it. If your attic is insulated, be wary of mice helping themselves to insulation to build warm nests for themselves. 

Whether you need help getting rid of mice or protect against diseases they may carry, our team will be here for your every need!

If you have a mice problem in your house, contact us today for free advice and immediate assistance from a local expert. We are here to help!

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