How to get rid of mice in the garage?

Mice will often nest in people’s garages as they provide them with warmth and shelter but tend to be relatively quiet compared to their main homes. If you have a garage that you rarely venture into yourself, mice can easily move in and build a nest without your knowledge. Once you’ve discovered mice in your garage, you need to deal with the problem immediately. Mice can cause significant damage to possessions and property, and they also carry diseases and spread viruses.

If you’re not opposed to killing the mice, traditional spring traps are a simple and cost-effective solution. These spring-loaded traps activate when mice step on them, bringing down a metal bar that kills the mouse. These traps are often baited with food to attract mice to them.

For households that don’t have any other pets or small children living in them, rat poison effectively kills mice. Simply lay some contaminated food down in your garage and wait for the mice to eat it. The drawback to using poison is that it takes time to work, meaning that the mice could end up dying behind your walls or in other hard-to-reach places. Dead mice will soon start to decay and smell, so having them die in traps is better.

If you’d rather not kill the mice, live traps provide a simple and humane alternative. These traps consist of a box or cage with a piece of bait laid inside. When the mouse enters the trap to get the bait, it triggers the trap, and the door shuts behind it, trapping it inside. Of course, you will then need to decide what to do with the mice you catch. Releasing them is easy in rural environments but can be problematic in residential areas.

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