How to get rid of mice in the attic?

So How to get rid of mice in the attic? Mice infestations are a common problem for property owners in the UK, especially within big cities. When mice infest a property, they often choose the attic to build their nests. Lofts and attics provide them with protection and warmth. If you have a build-up of clutter and debris to exploit, that’s even better for them. Mice might not seem like a huge deal, but not only do they steal and contaminate our food, but they also spread diseases and can pass on some severe viruses to people. If there are mice in your attic, you need to get them out as soon as possible.

How to get rid of mice in the attic?

The first thing you need to do is seal the attic’s exterior so no more mice can get in. There’s no point going to the trouble of getting rid of the mice you have now if more mice will be moving in immediately after. Mice can enter your home through any gaps in your walls or other crevices they can find. You should also cut back any plants or trees near your loft that mice could climb to gain entry. Ideally, you want all plants at least 2 metres away from your home, so there’s nowhere for mice to hide.

You can use either traps or poison to deal with the mice that currently occupy your attic. Humane traps are available if you prefer not to kill the mice. Once you’ve selected your preferred type of trap, you then need to place them properly in your attic. The best spots are along the walls and in corners where they aren’t easily visible. Remember to check the traps daily and empty them if necessary. If you aren’t able to trap any mice, or they don’t seem to be decreasing in number, you might need a professional pest controller to take care of it for you.

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