How to get rid of mice in a camper?

There’s nothing worse than discovering that you’re sharing your camper van with mice. These pests will find their way into your camper and wreak havoc, eating food, gnawing on the fixtures, and leaving droppings on any surfaces they crawl over. They might be small, but mice can cause enormous problems for campervan owners in a short space of time.

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to mice in your campervan; you should do everything you can to deter rodents from making their way into your vehicle. If you’re planning on putting your camper into storage for a while, you’ll want to make sure nothing is likely to try and get inside while it’s in there. Check underneath your camper to see if there are any gaps where the pipework enters the main body that mice could potentially squeeze through. Don’t take any chances – if you find an opening, fill it with sealant. Make sure not to block off any holes near gas pipe joints. For these, use metal mesh instead of sealant.

If mice have already infiltrated your camper and you need to get them out, traps are going to be your best bet. The one advantage of discovering mice in your camper rather than your house is that your camper is much smaller, meaning you’ll need fewer traps to catch all the mice inside. You should avoid storing food in your camper when you don’t need to. If mice break into your camper but don’t find anything to eat, they will soon move on in search of a meal.

Baiting traps with chocolate or peanut butter will make them irresistible to mice and enable you to catch as many of them as possible for a little effort as possible. Make sure to check the traps regularly and empty them if they have caught any mice.

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