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How to get rid of dead rat smell naturally

So How to get rid of dead rat smell naturally?


Anyone who has experienced the smell of a dead rat first-hand knows just how bad it is. After discovering an infestation on their property, the only concern of most homeowners is how to get rid of the rodents as quickly as possible; they don’t consider the impact that errant mouse carcasses might have. But one of the simplest and most common methods of getting rid of rats is to put down poisoned bait. After consuming the bait, it takes at least a couple of days for the poison to kill the rodents. During this time, rats can find their way into hard-to-reach corners of a property. If dead rats aren’t found and disposed of quickly, they will soon start to decay and produce a terrible odour.

Getting rid of the dead rat smell can be just as challenging as getting rid of the rodents themselves. One option is to scrub any affected areas with a powerful disinfectant, but not everyone is comfortable using these chemicals in their home, and some people are susceptible to the fumes they give off. Fortunately, there are some more natural methods you can use to flush out the smell and make the air in your home breathable once again.

After disposing of the dead rat, the first thing to do is open as many windows as you can to improve ventilation. You want to maintain a constant circulation of fresh air. If you have any fans in your home, use them to keep the air moving. You can use incense or oil burners to mask the smell until it fades, although this can take a while. Some people have reported that leaving cups of vinegar near the original source of the smell will absorb some of the odour and speed up its clearance. You can also purchase odour removing bags that are designed to absorb bad odours quickly. These bags contain natural ingredients and act like magnets for bad smells.

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