How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In My London Home


Cockroaches are gross little insects that can be found all over the world, but they’re most common in apartments and homes. If you see any cockroach activity around your house or kitchen cabinets then don’t hesitate to call an exterminator – getting rid of these pests quickly will help keep them from coming back again!

If you’re struggling to get rid of cockroaches, then call the pros at Bon Accord Pest Management. Our team offers professional cockroach control services for those living in and around Greater London who are tired of having their space taken over by these pesky creatures!

In this post, we’ll share the best and fastest ways to get rid of cockroaches for good. We’ve put together everything you need to know about your various options so that pest control is as simple as it can be!

What Type of Cockroaches Are in My UK Home?

Cockroaches are a diverse group of insects that can be found all over the world, with more than 4000 different species identified so far only a few of them live in the U.K. 

The German cockroach, Oriental cockroach, Brown banded cockroach and American cockroach are the most common in the UK and all of them can be carriers of various diseases to people.

Inside your home, there are few types of roaches to worry about. Some may be small and slimy while others can grow up to 2 inches in length with wings that flap fast when disturbed by movement or light around them!

There’s no denying it, cockroaches are the worst! Learn to identify between different species of these pesky bugs so that you can get rid of them for good.

German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are easy to identify because of their 2 dark stripes that go across the thorax. They can grow up to 15 mm in length, but usually only live about 12-15 months after reaching adulthood due to high mortality rates from infestation with bacteria or other insects.

The German cockroach is the most common roach in the U.K, and for good reason: they can reproduce quickly with each egg case producing 20-40 baby critters! Even one female could mean more than 30 thousand little pests popping up next door to your home by year’s end

A single germany nymph may turn into an entire colony if left unchecked over time – so be sure you find a solution before then.

German cockroaches are one of the few species in which females carry their eggs ”ootheca”with her until they’re ready to hatch. This means that an infestation can spread easily and be hard to contain, since it’s difficult to find them all.

All cockroaches have flat, broad bodies with long hind legs and antennae. The German version tends to be lighter brown than most as it has two dark parallel stripes that run down from head-to wingtips; this makes them easier distinguishable in species level identification!


Brown-Banded Cockroaches


Brown banded adult cockroaches are about 10-15mm long and have a brown abdomen with yellow stripes.

Brown-banded cockroaches are a common species of insect that loves to hang around in warm, dry areas such as walls or electronics like refrigerators.


It is a flying cockroach, but this species hates water and doesn’t like to live in moist or damp places. They are usually nocturnal so you will likely never see one during daylight hours!

Males and female cockroaches have light yellow bands on their wings and abdomens. 



American Cockroaches

By Gary AlpertCC BY 2.5

While the American cockroach isn’t the most common roach species in the UK. It’s  one of the longest-lived – with lifespans of about two years. 

One of the largest pest cockroaches to invade UK homes, adult American Cockroach males can be up to 30-40millimeters long and have brown-red coloration.

The American cockroach, commonly known as a palmetto bug in Greater London, is spreading quickly.

The American cockroach prefers dark, humid and undisturbed areas and can be found in basements, kitchens and bathrooms of homes.

Oriental Cockroaches


A dark brown or black in colour, an adult Oriental cockroach is approximately 20-30mm long.These insects are highly adapted for surviving in the natural environment.

They thrive with cool, damp areas such as basements and drains that contain sources of food like garbage or leaf litters. Oriental cockroaches can most commonly be found near these types of places where they feed on what’s available to them at each location

Male oriental cockroach, Blatta orientalis Linnaeus. Photograph by Rebecca W. Baldwin, University of Florida

What Attracts Cockroaches To My London Home? 

Regardless of what kind of cockroaches you have in your home, one thing is certain: they’re not wanted.

Roaches and other pests are just not worth the hassle. They can trigger allergies, spread disease, create an unsanitary living environment–not to mention how creepy they crawl around your house making you feel!

Cockroaches are attracted to many different things. The first step in getting rid of them is understanding what exactly it is that attracts these pests and how you can avoid putting anything else like food or trash outside, which will keep them away for good!

Here are some of the most common 

1. Food sources

Cockroaches are omnivores, they’ll eat anything. They like starches and sweets as well as greasy food and meats! An easy source of nourishment for these scavengers are dirty dishes in the sink or pet food on your floor which can draw them into places where you don’t want them to go near 

  1. Shelter

Cockroaches can enter homes for many reasons, but usually they’re looking to find shelter and food. Roach species vary in their preferred living space- some like hiding behind picture frames while others prefer damp places under sinks or inside toilets!

The cool air outside can make you think that all the bugs are hibernating until warmer weather, but this isn’t true for cockroaches.

In fact they will do anything to stay warm and even venture indoors under large appliances or in forgotten corners of basements!


3. Location

If you’re wondering “why do I have cockroaches in my clean house?” Roaches can be a little bit more frustrating to rid of even if you’ve been careful not to attract them in the first place.

If you’ve ever seen an American cockroach, then it’s no surprise that these bugs can live in almost any environment. And while they’re not necessarily picky about where their homes are kept clean or dirty – as long as there is food available for them- if conditions at home aren’t sanitary enough to suit your needs? Roaches will find ways into the cracks and crevices around windows seal gaps between doors leaving open

I’m sure we’ve all had those moments when waking up from sleep only to see three little monsters scurrying across our bedroom floor just before landing on one unsuspecting victim below… Yuck!


4. Water

Cockroaches are surprisingly persistent animals. They can enter even the most sanitary of homes in search of water, which is why it’s so important to keep your pipes from leaking and ensure all faucets function properly at all times!

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Naturally?

With a few home remedies, you can get rid of these pesky cockroaches without chemicals! There are several that won’t harm children or pets.

1. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is an excellent natural insecticide. It’s composed of fossilized algae, which are sharp and dehydrating to cockroaches when they come into contact with it!

Diatomaceous earth is a great way to get rid of pesky cockroaches. Lightly sprinkle some on any surfaces where you’ve noticed them congregating or leaving their marks, and watch as they disappear within 24 hours!

Pros: Not only affordable but  also safe for kids and pets too!

Cons: Messy, requires re-application, you will have to locate and dispose of dead roaches after each the treatment

2. Baking Soda

One of the most common DIY pest control solutions out there is baking soda. Cockroaches hate it and will leave your home in search of an escape route once they’ve been poisoned by this easy-to-get rid of roach killer!

Dice up some onions with baking soda (to release their odor) then place them where bugs are known or suspected!

The roaches become so excited from eating the baking soda that their stomachs explode, killing them.

Pros: Effective, non-toxic, affordable

Cons: Pets may consume the onion mixture (onions are toxic for dogs), messy, requires you to locate and dispose of dead roaches

3. Boric Acid

Boric acid, a naturally-occurring compound found in fruits and plants is made up of two parts; water with boron.

It’s harmless to people and pets, but deadly for roaches. Boric acid is a good choice for eliminating cockroaches because it sticks to their legs and wings, which causes them tremendous discomfort. When ingested by the cockroach in powder form borates act on its nervous system causing paralysis before killing off these pests rapidly!


To use boric acid to get rid of roaches, sprinkle a light dusting onto a paper plate. Put a spoonful of peanut butter in the middle of the plate and place the whole thing anywhere you’ve noticed roach activity. 

Pros: Effective, affordable, natural, non-toxic, easy

Cons: Can be messy, requires several applications or treatments, may not be ideal for homes with pets or young kids, requires you to track down and dispose of dead roaches 

4. Citrus 

Citrus is a great way to keep roaches at bay. Lemon oil, specifically lemons will do the trick! Simply add 10 drops of juice in with your cleaning solution when mopping or let it dry on its own and watch as cockroaches scurry away from you like they don’t want any part in our fight against them.

Pros: Effective, affordable, ideal for homes with kids and pets

Cons: Does not kill cockroaches  – only deters them

5. Essential Oils

Essential oils are a great natural cockroach repellent. For best results, purchase peppermint or lemongrass essential oil and mix it with a bit of water. Spray the mixture anywhere you’ve seen cockroaches.

Pros: Effective, affordable, safe for kids and pets, non-toxic

Cons: Does not kill cockroaches

How to Get Rid Of Cockroaches Inside My Home


1. Use Glue Strips to Identify Problem Areas

One common way of getting rid of roaches is glue trapping. The odor from these traps lures in and immobilizes any cockroach that steps on them, which makes it easy for you to clean up your problem area!

For cockroach control, place stores bought glue traps in places where you’ve noticed their activity like behind refrigerators or under sinks.

Pros: Effective, safe for kids and pets (as long as the strips are hidden), fast-acting

Cons: You must monitor strips for a few days or weeks and change and replace them when they become filled with dead roaches 

2. Set Bait Stations

Cockroach bait stations are a great way to kill roaches almost instantly. They come in various sizes, shapes and colours so that you can place them anywhere for an immediate effect on your pest problem!

The smell of the bait attracts cockroaches who then eat it and die. The other roaches will then feed on their dead bodies, passing the poison through the group. 

Pros: Effective, fast-acting

Cons: Bait stations look unattractive around a home, can be toxic to kids and pets, will leave dead roaches around the home, dead roaches may be consumed by non-target species like birds and other animals – poisoning them as well

3. Caulk All Entry Points 


A common solution for getting rid of roaches is glue strips and bait stations, but these won’t do much good if new ones keep coming in.

With the recent increase in roaches and their ability to enter homes undetected, use caulk around possible entry points such as gaps between walls or tile for a more successful pest control. Pay close attention when replacing worn-out weather stripping on doors and window sealants so you don’t have any new problems with these pesky bugs!

While glue strips and bait stations can be effective to get rid of roaches, they won’t do much good if new roaches are constantly entering your home. With this in mind, use caulk to seal gaps and possible entry points. Pay close attention to gaps between walls or tile, worn-out weather stripping, or gaps in door and window seals.

Pros: Effective, safe, affordable

Cons: Caulk wears out over time, so you must check and recheck access points routinely

4. Hire A Local Pest Control Professional

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to get rid of your infestation, then hiring a professional cockroach management team like Bon Accord Pest Control London is the perfect solution.

Professional teams know how to locate and eradicate cockroach infestations safely, quickly with the least amount of risk.

Pros: Effective, safe, long-lasting, can deal with roach infestations both indoors and outside the home

Cons: Requires a larger upfront investment than DIY options

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