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Bed Bug Removal and all about how to eradicate bed bugs in the home. Discovering that you have bed bugs in your home is not fun – these small creatures can leave you with painful, itchy spots on your body which can take some time to treat. While there are lots of ways that you can end up with them in your home, such as travelling to different hotels regularly and bringing them back with you, it can be difficult to identify them immediately due to their small size. However, because bed bugs reproduce quickly, it’s important to act fast to remove them to stop the problem in its tracks as soon as you notice they are there. Unfortunately, this can be easier said than done, so we’ve created the ultimate guide to eradicating bed bugs in your home once and for all. 

Identify Where The Bed Bugs Are Hiding

You might have noticed one or two bed bugs, but to get rid of them completely you first need to identify where they are hiding, as it’s likely that the bugs will be in a large group somewhere in your home. As these creatures are experts when it comes to staying hidden, this can be tricky, but there are a few places that are handy to check when seeking them out:

bed bugs on chair
bed bugs on chair
  • On and underneath the mattress and near the corners of any bedding. 
  • In the corners and lower edges of the room. 
  • Within any furnishings like curtains, drawers, or dressing tables. 

If you’ve experienced red marks or itchy rashes on your skin, then it might be that the bugs are living in your bed linen or sleeping area, which will be good places to start looking. Live bed bugs will be small and dark in appearance, but you can also look out for marks where they have produced droppings or laid eggs. They will also produce a strong, stale odour, which should give you the best understanding of the right areas to target as you start the removal process. 

Preparing For Bed Bug Removal 

Once you’ve identified where the bed bugs are, it’s time to start preparing to remove them. This can be challenging, as you’ll need to go through various stages of cleaning the area before they can be successfully eradicated. The first step is to clear away any clutter around the area and place it into plastic bags, as leaving clothing or material items around can provide more places for them to hide and reproduce. Keeping your space clutter free will also allow you to spot bed bugs quicker if they return in the future, so this is a great habit to get into early. 

Once things are tidy, put any laundry or material items that were bagged up on a hot wash. This will kill any bugs that were on the items, and you can then focus on the area itself. Vacuum the entire area and wipe down any spots where dirt has built up, making sure to check under the bed, around any dressing tables or drawers, and in the corners of the room. After vacuuming, it’s vital that you keep the contents of the bag separate from the rest of your home and dispose of it immediately, to give you the best chance of eradicating the bugs once and for all – tie it up and place it outside in the garbage to be as effective as possible. 

Getting Rid Of The Bugs For Good

Now that you’ve prepared your living space for bed bug removal by vacuuming and bagging up any material or bedding, you can start to get rid of the bugs by killing them. Bed bugs don’t survive in extreme temperatures, so if you can leave any bagged items outside in heat above 95°F or place them in the freezer (for a minimum of 4 days) you can be sure that any bugs have died before putting items through the washing machine or disposing of them. 

bed bug heat treatment
bed bug heat treatment

Once you’ve gotten rid of the bed bugs, you then need to make the areas where they were hiding as inhabitable as possible, so you might need to invest in some different items that will stop them returning. For instance, a bed bug proof mattress cover might feel like a large expense right now, but it will be worth it in the long run and save you from any bites or rashes that may come back if they do. You can find covers that zip up to ensure that any remaining bugs will die, and if there are any remaining bugs outside of your mattress, they won’t be able to make a home there. 

Should You Use A Bed Bug Spray? 

bed bug fumigation london
bed bug fumigation London

If you’re still battling with these pesky creatures, then spraying bed bugs with a specialist bed bug killer might be the answer. There are a variety of insecticides that you can use to speed up the eradication process, including:

  • Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids  

As some of the most common pest control and bed bug killer chemicals, pyrethrins and pyrethroids are a great go-to when you first start treating bed bugs in your home. Both of these compounds are lethal to bed bugs but do come under some occasional criticism as some bed bugs have the potential to become resistant to them after continued use. This might mean that the bed bugs are temporarily moved away from their nesting area, but could return shortly after, and leave you back at square one. To combat this, the best approach is to use a combination of pyrethrin and pyrethroid, as joining them together can be highly effective in driving bed bugs out for good. To stay safe while doing this, it’s recommended to use a tested combination product that has been approved for home use. 


  • Biochemicals 

Another bed bugs spray option is the use of biochemicals as a bed bug treatment. Chemicals like cold-pressed neem oil have been proven to be effective in killing bed bugs, as they contain many natural insecticidal properties that some synthetic compound sprays lack. While cold-pressed neem oil has been proven to kill bed bugs and their eggs, it is also used in some human-safe hygiene products like shampoo and soap, so this is a great choice if you’re looking for a pest control treatment that doesn’t use heavy synthetic chemicals. 


  • Neonicotinoids 

If you find that the bed bugs in your home have become resistant to the treatments that you’ve used before, then neonicotinoids might be the answer you’re searching for. These synthetic forms of nicotine target a bed bug’s nervous system by acting on the nicotinic receptors in the brain, which will repeatedly fire and eventually kill the bug when they fail. As these chemicals target the nervous system directly, bugs who are resistant to pyrethrins and pyrethroids will be more fallible to neonicotinoids, so you’re more likely to see positive results. 

Still Finding Bed Bugs? It’s Time For a Professional Bed Bug Treatment!

If you’ve worked hard to implement the different tactics available to treat bed bugs, but you’re still getting bitten or finding these creatures around your home, it’s time to call a professional bed bug exterminator who can help you to solve this problem once and for all. The great thing about pest control bed bug companies is that they will be licensed to use different products like unique pesticides that aren’t available to purchase without certification. These products are stronger and more effective than over-the-counter bed bug sprays, and often they will have longer-lasting effects, so you can be certain that those pesky bed bugs won’t be returning any time soon. 

Bed Bug Removal

You might also find that, with prior consultation, a bed bug extermination company will use fumigation sprays or heat treatments that cover the entire room to really seek out the root of the infestation and kill it at its source. Heat treatments tend to reach temperatures of up to 145°F, which is a lot higher than you can reach by simply placing bug-infested clothing outside on a sunny day. While professional room treatment might mean that you need to steer clear of a room or two for a couple of hours after the experts have treated it, and wait around three weeks for the final results, you can rest assured that professional help is the very best way to treat this difficult problem. 

Dealing with bed bugs can be exhausting, especially if they are living where you would usually sleep, as this can leave you feeling drained and frustrated. By following this guide and implementing these tactics, you can start the process of bed bug removal yourself and feel more positive about eradicating these pests once and for all. There is no shame in reaching out for professional help, and this will speed up the process to get your home back to normal in no time. 

As long as you ensure that after they have been removed, you make changes to your environment to prevent their return, like keeping things tidy and investing in protective mattress covers and bug sprays, you can guarantee that a bug-free home awaits!

Professional Local Exterminator You Can Rely On – Bed Bugs Killers

Bed Bug Removal
Bed Bug Removal

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