How to deal with rodents in the attic?

How to deal with rodents in the attic?

So How to deal with rodents in the attic? If you can hear strange noises coming from your attic that sound like small creatures scampering and scurrying about, you may have a rodent problem up there. But the potential consequences of rodents running loose in your attic is much more serious than just some strange noises now and then. Rodents can spread diseases, cause damage to your property and possessions by chewing through them, and even start a fire in your attic by biting through electric cables.

How to deal with rodents in the attic?

Rats are generally considered a more severe issue than mice, but having any kind of rodent in your attic isn’t ideal. If you think you’ve seen a rat in your attic, you should call in a professional pest control contractor to deal with the issue immediately. Once they have removed any live specimens from our home, you can focus on securing the space so no more rodents can follow them in. 

Mice are less of a concern than rats, but you still want them taken care of as soon as possible. As soon as you suspect an infestation, you should confirm it and call in a professional. If you can’t see any rodents in your attic, but you do notice any of the following signs, you should consult a pest control expert for advice:

– Droppings or urine

– Nests made from shredded paper, twigs, leaves, and other lightweight materials

– Evidence that insulation has been disturbed or destroyed or pieces have been torn off

– Unexplained sounds of movement or animal sounds, such as purring, whimpering or sharp vocal noises.

These are all common indications that you have rodents loose in your attic. If you find an individual rodent, you don’t necessarily need professional help; just make sure you secure your attic so no more rodents can get in. However, you need to remain vigilant for any indication that more rodents are hiding in the shadows.

Rat Control in London

Rats are pesky vermin with the ability to cause major chaos in any area. They’re not just annoying pests, but also can be very dangerous!

Rats are not only dirty and smelly, but they also pose a danger to your health. They like chewing through wiring which can lead you into dangerous situations in the house like fire!

It’s time to call in the experts!

If you have a rat problem in your house, contact us today for free advice and immediate assistance from a local expert. We are here to help!

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