How To Control Wax Moths In Beehives?

So How to control wax moths in beehives? Wax moths are a common pest in beehives. They can cause serious damage to the hive and its inhabitants. The best way to control wax moths is by using a combination of different methods.

The first step is to inspect the hive for any signs of wax moth infestation. If there are any, then you should remove them with a vacuum cleaner or by hand. You should also check for any larvae that might have been left behind and destroy them as well.

The second step is to use traps that will lure the wax moths into them and kill them with poison or heat. You can also use pheromones that will attract male moths and kill them before they can mate with female moths, which will reduce the population of wax moth larvae in your house.

The third step is to use pesticides or exterminators who will spray your house with pesticides that will kill the wax moth larvae and the pests they are already breeding in your house.

How to control wax moths in beehives?

Wax moth infestations can be devastating for beehives. Wax moths lay their eggs in dark, out of the way areas where they are unlikely to be disturbed until they hatch. Once they do, they will start working their way through the hive, damaging wax and sometimes even causing irreparable harm to the beer pupae while they are still developing. If a wax moth infestation isn’t caught early, dealing with it can be very problematic. Fire and freezing the affected combs are the only surefire way of removing any lingering traces of an infestation; both processes can be time-consuming and expensive for beekeepers.

How to control wax moths in beehives?

Fortunately, you can do several things to reduce the prevalence of wax moth infestations and keep your beehives safe. The first and most important thing you can do to discourage wax moths is to take proper care of your equipment. The better your equipment storage and protection practices are, the less likely you will attract wax moths. You can buy specially designed storage bags that have been produced specifically to ensure you don’t inadvertently spread anything to your hive through contaminated equipment. 

How to control wax moths in beehives?
How to control wax moths in beehives?

Keeping your beehive colony generally strong will enable them to fight off any infestations, including wax moth infestations, much more easily. Many beekeepers have found that hives with entrance holes in the upper sections are more prone to infestation than those that only use the bottom entrances. If possible, stick to using the bottom entrances only.

Treating your beehive with a preventative substance like Bacillus Thuringiensis (BT) will offer passive protection and kill any bacteria before they can take hold. However, if you find that wax moths have already made their way into your beehive, you have no option but to clean it thoroughly. That means scraping any secretions, dirt, and debris on the combs and usually spraying them with something like BT.

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