How to attract a rat to a trap

How to attract a rat to a trap

So How to attract a rat to a trap? After discovering a rat infestation on their property, many people turn to traps to deal with the issue. Rat traps are designed to either kill or capture the creatures, depending on the user’s preference.

Both types of trap are effective at reducing the number of rats on a property, but laying them down is one thing; getting the rats to trigger them is an entirely separate challenge.

How to attract a rat to a trap?

Placing your traps strategically will catch more rats than scattering them haphazardly around your home. For example, if you know where the rats are nesting or what entry points they’re using to access your property, you can lay your traps, so they have no choice but to walk by them or over them.

But this will only help so much. You will usually only have room for one or two traps in these high-traffic spots. A better way of attracting rats to your traps is to bait them.

There are numerous types of food that rats are attracted to. Believe it or not, cheese isn’t one of them. Dried fruit and berries work well. You can use fresh alternatives, but they will spoil relatively quickly, so you will need to change them regularly.

Seeds and nuts form a core component of rats diets in the wild, so these are reliable choices for traps in your home as well. In fact, peanut butter is one of the best baits there is. Not only are rats attracted to peanut butter, but its texture and consistency prevent them from snatching it from the trap and making off with it, which is always a risk with most types of bait.

If the rats have been feasting on particular foods in your home, including pet foods, these are the best bait to use as the rats will already have an affinity for them.


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