How much does it cost for rat extermination?

How much does it cost for rat extermination?

So How much does it cost for rat extermination? Typically, prices range from £105 to £500.

While not as common as mouse infestations, rat infestations can cause serious problems for homeowners. Thanks to their powerful teeth and larger size, rats can cause even more property damage than mice can. Without intervention, rats can cause extensive structural and cosmetic damage, which then costs a lot of money to repair.

They also present a serious hazard to human health and can spread diseases to people and other animals. If you suspect or know you have a rat problem on your property, it’s better to bite the bullet and take care of it now rather than allowing things to deteriorate further. The longer you wait before hiring a professional exterminator, the more expensive it will be to remedy the problem.

You can purchase traps, baits, and poison for taking care of rats for yourself. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s hard to use these effectively. You might manage to bring their numbers down in the short term, but unless you deal with the infestation completely, a recurrence is always possible. Any savings you make by doing it yourself will be wiped out if the rodents keep coming back.

Professional extermination services cost between £190 and £350 on average, with most being around £190. The key difference between a professional exterminator and the DIY approach is the success rate. Pest control professionals are all but guaranteed to solve the problem for you permanently. Should an exterminator fail to rid your property of its rat infestation, most will return to take another look free of charge.

Large and well-established infestations can add to exterminators’ costs, especially if they need to make additional visits to get the job done. Similarly, if you have rats in hard to reach places that require specialist equipment, this can also add to the price.

So how much does it cost for rat extermination?

The cost of rat extermination will vary depending on the size of the infestation, the method used, and the company hired. Typically, prices range from £175 to £500.


Methods that use traps or poison can be less expensive but may take longer to work. Hiring a professional exterminator is generally more expensive, but they are more effective, especially with larger infestations.

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