Best Mouse Poison in the UK – How Mouse Poison Works

Some of the best mouse poison in the UK is available only to trained professionals and you won’t be able to buy it without a certification.

This includes:

Muribrom Fresh Bait – 

Highly palatable pasta bait. Its oily texture proves irresistible to rodents and prevents the baits from becoming dry. Contains: Bromadiolone 0.0029%

mouse poison - muribrom
mouse poison – muribrom

Rascal Brodifacoum Contact Gel –

it is a ready to use rodenticide in covered bait stations or tamper-resistant bait stations for the control of mice indoors. Rascal contact gel is an ideal product for use in situations where mice are refusing traditional baits or showing rodenticide resistance.

rodent poison, contact gel
rodent poison, contact gel

Racumin Foam

Racumin Contact Foam is a potent rodenticide for use against rodents such as rats and mice. Once contact is made with a rodent, Racumin poison is ingested by taking advantage of grooming habits.Contains: Coumatetralyl 0.4%

racumin contact foam - mouse poison
racumin contact foam – mouse poison

How Mouse Poison Works

So How mice poison works? Both mice and rats are killed using similar types of poisons, known as rodenticides. These poisons act as anticoagulants, dramatically reducing the blood’s clotting ability until the rodent dies from internal bleeding. After ingesting a lethal dose of the poison, mice take between three and ten days to die, depending on the amount of poison consumed. 

Because these poisons take several days to work, poisoned rodents can end up dying some way away from where they actually consume poisoned bait. A dead mouse will decay rapidly in a warm environment, creating a distinctive and very unpleasant odour as they do so. If the mice have already built a nest, you will find most of the carcasses in its vicinity. However, there’s no guarantee that the mice will die in a location you can easily reach; they could just as easily die behind your wall cavities or in your vents.

One of the reasons that anticoagulant poisons are used is because they accelerate the decomposition process. This means that mice will start to decay sooner, but it will also take less time. Overall, this should lead to fewer odours and a less unpleasant experience for the user. After the poison has begun to take effect, poisoned rodents will soon lose their appetite and are unlikely to eat more poison after their first dose.

mouse poison - muribrom
mouse poison – muribrom

In the UK, pest control professionals have access to more potent rodenticides than the average consumer. Professional-grade mouse poison should only ever be deployed by a trained professional who understands the risks and how and where to use it appropriately. If a contractor lays any mouse poison down in your home, they will advise you of any precautions you need to take to keep your family and pets safe.

Facts About Mice

  1. Mice Can get through tiny spaces


Mice are usually about 6 to 8 inches long, according to the New York State Department of Health. They can squeeze through an opening less than half an inch wide. That’s smaller than the diameter of a quarter! This ability comes in handy when they’re getting into your home or looking for food. You might need to watch out for mice if you have small cracks or holes in your house.


  1. Mice don’t hibernate


You might see a mouse scurrying around during the winter, but they’re not usually looking for shelter from the cold outside. These animals actually live off food and body fat throughout the year. That Means they can survive a cold winter without hibernating. However, if the weather gets too harsh, mice might look for a place to stay warm inside your home.


  1. Mice have great hearing


Mice have super-sensitive ears that help them notice potential predators nearby. In fact, their ears are so important to them that they even have a special area in their brain devoted to hearing. So when you’re trying to get rid of mice, you might want to be quiet!


  1. Mice can eat pretty much anything


Another reason why mice are so hard to get rid of is that they’re super picky eaters. They’ll eat pretty much anything, including grains, fruits, vegetables, and even meat. This helps make them adaptable to a variety of environments.

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Pest Control For Mice

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