How many days do mosquitoes live?

One of the most common questions people have when dealing with a mosquito infestation is how long these annoying pests live. Unfortunately, there’s no simple answer to this question. The expected lifespan of a mosquito varies according to several factors. Some species will live for just over a month, whereas others can last up to a year. Across most species, females also have a significantly longer lifespan than males. For the most common species in the UK, a female mosquito’s average lifespan is 42- 56 days. For males, it is only 10 days.

Mosquitoes breed quickly, and females can lay hundreds of eggs every three days. Their relatively short lifespans are no obstacle to mosquitoes establishing their presence on your property. A relatively small infestation can soon balloon into something far worse, especially if there are ample food supplies and plenty of water to lay their eggs in.

Mosquitoes begin their lives in or near bodies of standing water. They don’t need much water, and they will often use temporary pools that form after rainfall to lay their eggs in. However, the water has to be still; even slight movements can destroy the delicate eggs. After the eggs hatch, the mosquito larvae will live close to the water’s surface until their bodies have adapted to breathe air.

Before maturing into adults capable of flying, mosquitoes enter the pupa stage. During this stage, the mosquito waits near the water’s surface for its legs and wings to grow. Once it reaches adulthood, it surfaces and waits to dry out. Once its wings are dry, the adult mosquito can fly off in search of blood to feed on. After a big blood meal, they are ready to mate, lay eggs, and begin the life cycle again.

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