How long do mosquitoes live?

Mosquitoes can be incredibly frustrating pests to deal with. Not only are they small and difficult to see, but their irritating bite and the high-pitched whine they make as they fly around make for an incredibly annoying combination. Mosquitoes used to be thought of as exotic creatures, confined to hot, faraway places. However, thanks to climate change, they have become increasingly common in the UK. In fact, there’s now a species of mosquitoes native to the London Underground. No one likes having mosquitoes in their home, but they have become an increasingly common occurrence. Most people assume they will at least die reasonably quickly., but this isn’t necessarily the case.

Mosquitoes can survive indoors for a long time, especially compared to other common insects. Their average lifespan varies between subspecies and whether they are male or female. For females, the average lifespan is between four days to a month. Only the female mosquitoes bite and suck blood. Before they give birth to a brood of young, they will go on a feeding frenzy. After their rampage, female mosquitoes usually live for another three weeks or so, but this varies between species.

Male mosquitoes are less of a problem because they are far more attracted to female mosquitoes than human blood. Male mosquitoes also don’t bite, so you probably won’t even notice their presence compared to the females.

Remember, when you’re considering how long mosquitoes will stay alive in your home, you need to factor in the possibility that females have left eggs behind. Female mosquitoes look for puddles of water to lay their eggs, preferring stagnant water over fresh. Houseplants, sheds, and garages are all popular spots; mosquitoes have even been known to build their nests in people’s kitchens and bathrooms.

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