How long do mosquitoes live for?

How long do mosquitoes live for?

Mosquitoes are uniquely irritating pests to deal with. They used to be something of a rarity in the UK; we associated them with the sunnier parts of Europe like southern France and Spain. But thanks to climate change, mosquitoes have found the UK an increasingly hospitable environment to live in.

Fortunately, the mosquitoes in the UK rarely carry malaria, the infectious disease they are infamous for spreading in some parts of the world. However, mosquitoes still represent a potential health hazard, especially female mosquitoes. If you find mosquitoes in your home, it’s only natural to want them gone as quickly as possible. But mosquitoes have highly variable lifespans. In some cases, they can live for as long as a year indoors. There are several factors to consider.

How long do mosquitoes live for?

First, there are numerous mosquito species in the UK, and each one has a different average lifespan. Identifying which species you are dealing with requires a knowledgeable professional. However, a pest control expert with experience dealing with mosquitoes can often work out the species based on the region you live in and the time of year they are active. The hardiest species can survive for as long as a year indoors, but most have average lifespans of a few months.

Among most species of mosquitoes, females live longer than males. Males rapidly reach maturity and fertilise female mosquitoes, at which point they have served their purpose in life; they die soon after. Even in mosquito species where the females live for months, the male mosquitoes can die after just a week or two.

Female mosquitoes are the real problem for people. They don’t just live longer; they lay eggs and are responsible for biting, sucking blood, and spreading diseases from person to person. You can shorten the lifespan of mosquitoes on your property by removing their access to standing water and removing old, dead trees and long grass. If you want to kill them, you will need a pest controller with insecticide.


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