How long do mosquitoes live after they hatch

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, so this is where they spend the larval and pupal stages of their lives. On average, mosquito species found in the UK spend the first 10 days of their lives in the water, feeding on organic matter and developing the legs and wings they need to survive out of the water. Once they are out of the water, their remaining lifespan depends on several different factors.

The most important factor determining lifespan is the species. Some mosquito species live for just over a month, whereas others are known to survive for up to a year in optimal conditions. If the temperature suddenly drops, mosquitoes can hibernate for several months, although they won’t be active during this hibernation period.

Female mosquitoes also live significantly longer than males. After reaching adulthood, male mosquitoes fertilise females and then die within a few days. In some species, the males only live for around four days. On the other hand, female mosquitoes will usually live for at least a month and can lay a hundred or more eggs at a time. 

Because of their prodigious breeding rate, you can’t just wait out a mosquito infestation. If you have mosquitoes on your property, the most effective way of getting rid of them is to find their nesting site or breeding ground and eliminate any eggs or larvae you find. Mosquitoes can appear to go away on their own when the weather starts to get cold, but they are often just hibernating and will return with a vengeance when it’s warmer. They can stay in their hibernating state for up to half a year.

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