How long can mice last without food?

Mice love food and will happily eat just about anything they can find. One of the best tips for keeping mice away from your home is to ensure you clean up after yourself properly and don’t leave any food exposed where mice can get to it. That means keeping perishables and other ingredients in sealed containers, making sure your garbage is bagged properly and ensuring there’s no way for mice to get into your bins. If you can do all of that, you will significantly reduce your chances of a mouse infestation. But if mice are already in your home, can you starve them out? 

Unlike most other mammals, rodents are omnivorous scavengers, meaning they’ll eat whatever food they encounter. Mice don’t need much food to sustain themselves, but they need to eat regularly. After a complete meal, a mouse only has a few hours before it starts to feel hungry again. Food is also crucial for mice because it’s their primary water source; they extract water from food far more efficiently than we do.

Without access to food or water, a mouse will starve to death after just two to four days. However, if they have a water supply, they can last longer than this without eating anything. If you make all the food in your home inaccessible to mice after they’ve moved in, they are unlikely to hang around waiting to starve to death. After a day or two without a meal from you, they will usually abandon your home and go scavenging elsewhere. 

If you think you have mice in your home, taking away any potential food sources from them is one of the first steps you should take. Mice will die after just a few days without any food, or they’ll go looking elsewhere.

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