How Long do Flies live? Lifespan of the Average Fly

So how long do flies live? Pest flies are a common nuisance for many households in the United Kingdom.. Three species seem to spend the most time buzzing around people and their homes: the house fly and the fruit fly and drain fly.While flies have a short lifespan, their ability to breed rapidly makes them difficult to manage.

Most adult flies can live for about two to four weeks. They are not hard to take care of, but they are also not easy to raise. Flies are born from maggots that come from eggs. The time it takes for a fly to develop depends on the environmental conditions and how rich or poor food sources are available for the maggot.

What’s The Life Cycle Of A Fly? How long do flies live?

Flies go through complete metamorphosis, meaning that they have four distinct stages throughout their lives.


After a fly has mated, the female will lay her eggs on decaying matter, food or faeces. Depending on the species of fly, it can take anywhere from 4 hours to 5 days for the eggs to hatch.


The term maggot is often used to describe the worm-like larva of a fly, but they are actually two very different stages in the life cycle. The maggot then absorbs nutrients from the egg and continues to grow. With warmer weather or richer food sources, this stage can last up to one week.


When the maggot is fully developed, it will crawl away from its food source and find a dry, dark area to make its home. The maggot will then change into an adult fly through pupation. This can take up to 6 days in summer weather conditions.


Once the fly has transformed into an adult, they are ready to mate again. Adult house flies usually live for about one month or until winter approaches. However, drains and fruit flies only live for 2 weeks at most..

Flies have strong larvae development stages because of their higher protein demand throughout this stage of life compared with other insects measuring the same time frame. Also, most fly species produce several generations per year so that new populations constantly develop.

Lifespan of a fly is statistically calculated from what the expected age is for a pupa to become an adult under average growing conditions. Flies live much shorter lives in real life, usually between a week and two months depending on the environment they are kept in. The main goal for flies is reproduction, not long lifespan.

Fly control

How long do flies live?
How long do flies live?

Flies usually die within a month or two if not consumed by house pets like cats, dogs, lizards or birds. Since flies can breed very quickly there’s usually no need for all individuals to reach their full lifespan anyway..

Fly control methods include pest proofing your home to prevent them from getting inside in the first place. You can also use traps to capture adult flies around your home.Flies are also prey for various animals, so having house pets is another way to deal with them.

Additional Facts And Information About Flies

The average fly lives anywhere from 5 days to 2 months, depending on the species of fly. Some flies have a shorter lifespan than others. This is why it’s important to manage your fly population by using pest control methods at home between infestations rather than waiting for the problem to get out of hand before acting on it.

Houseflies can survive up to three weeks without food but only about 48 hours without water. That means that pest control management strategies should include not only controlling access to their food sources but also their access to water or moisture as well.

Larger flies like horse flies and bumblebees can live for up to four years.

Most flies are found in warmer climates because they need the heat. Flies like to go inside houses and buildings during the winter to stay warm, but that’s when you want them gone! You should try to exclude houseflies from your home during winter by covering any entry points with screens or other pest control methods.

Flies need six legs for walking, otherwise their sensory organs will not function properly. They also use one of their front legs to scoop up food before eating it. Finally, adult flies have transparent wings so you can see how well-developed their muscles are underneath them..

How long do house flies live?

The average lifespan of a house fly is one month to two months, but it all depends on the conditions they are kept in. The warmer the temperature and the more resources available to them, the shorter their lifespan will be. In summer weather conditions a house fly can live for one week or longer. It all depends on environmental factors, diseases present and proper nutrition..

How long do fruit flies live?

Fruit flies only live for 2 weeks. They are easily recognizable by their maggot-like appearance and can be found infesting a number of food items..

How long do drain flies live?

Drain fly larvae spend most of their lives in water or moist substrates feeding on microorganisms they find there. Drain flies have been shown to breed successfully even in cold winter climates if the breeding site stays cold but doesn’t freeze. The adults only live around three weeks, so it’s important that you remove any standing water sources that they might use as a breeding ground before they become a problem around your home..

Do houseflies die after mating?

No! Houseflies thrive all summer long producing multiple generations per season. They go fromegg, to larva, to pupa, then adult. Houseflies die within six weeks in the summer when temperatures are warmest. If it’s cold where you live they may go dormant in the winter and resume breeding in the spring..

How long can a fly survive without food?

Flies have been known to starve to death after several days if not fed on a regular basis. It all depends on their species as well as environmental factors such as temperature and humidity. Adult house flies feed only on liquids so they don’t need any solid food for nourishment..

Control methods for house flies

There are a number of house fly control methods available to help you protect your family and pets from this pesky intruder. It starts with exclusion, which means actively sealing up entry points like cracks and crevices around the outside of your home..

House flies breed mainly in decaying organic matter such as manure or other animal faeces. If these items are not cleaned away regularly they will attract more houseflies to come into your home. Once inside they can spread diseases to you and your family including dysentery, cholera and food poisoning, among others..

You should also keep any trash piles away from areas where children or pets play for this same reason. If you have a pet make sure it has its vaccinations up-to-date and remove any food sources (including faeces) before flies become a problem..

Bee removal is not necessary. They are best left alone! Please don’t kill them. Bees fly off with pollen on their legs, honey in their stomachs and wax on all 6 of their legs. I am an animal lover and do love to see bees buzzing around but if you can protect yourself then they will be out of your way soon enough..

Have you ever seen fly eyes?

The compound eye of the fly contains thousands of tiny lenses that work together to create “vision” for the fly. Each lens is pointed in a different direction so the fly has an amazing field of vision compared to us humans looking out through just one small area!..

How many eyes do insects have?

Insects usually have three simple eyes (ocelli) which are sometimes grouped together in a bump on the head. They also have two compound eyes, which are made up of lots of tiny lenses (ommatidia), each lens having its own light receptor cells..

The main function of the insect’s vision is to detect movement and identify food sources, predatory threats and possible mates. Some species can see ultraviolet light while others can’t. The eye structure reflects an evolutionary adaptation to meet their specific needs.

Carpet Moths


Experts and professionals suggest that homeowners take note of what carpet moth eggs look like to help them identify a potential infestation. Knowing the size, shape, and colour of the eggs can help homeowners take the necessary steps to control or eliminate a carpet moth infestation quickly, before the eggs have had a chance to hatch and the moths have had a chance to spread.


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