How long before a dead rat starts to smell?


So How long before a dead rat starts to smell?

After a rat dies, its carcass will begin to decay almost immediately. It might not be evident to you straight away, but it doesn’t take long for the smell of decomposition to fill your home. The amount of time it takes for the rat to start decomposing and the smell to become noticeable will depend on several factors. For example, the ambient temperature, the way the rat died, and other environmental factors can speed up or slow down the decay process.

If you find any dead rats on your property, it’s important that you dispose of them promptly. Not only do dead rats create an awful smell, but their carcasses can spread disease and attract other problematic pests. If you have recently laid down traps or poisoned bait, you need to check for dead rats regularly. When rats ingest rodenticide, it takes several days for them to die. During that time, a poisoned rat can end up just about anywhere, often behind walls or in places you’re unlikely to notice them until they start to smell.

Modern rat poisons are designed to speed up the decomposition process, meaning any stray rats you miss shouldn’t smell for as long as they usually would once they start decaying. But even with the benefit of accelerated decomposition, you don’t want to smell dead rats for any longer than you absolutely have to.

Whenever you handle dead rodents, you need to take some precautions. You should always wear gloves and not allow the dead animal to come into contact with your skin. And You should also wear a face-covering or mask while moving dead animals. You can dispose of dead rats in your regular bin. However, you need to bag it up first. The most reliable method is to place the rat’s body in a zip-lock bag and then place that bag inside another one. If they are both sealed, it should keep the smell contained.


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