How do you know when all the mice are gone?

If mice infest your home or business, setting down traps for them is one of the most effective and straightforward ways of reducing their numbers. As long as you set your traps in the right places and bait them effectively, you should find that the number of mice caught in them decreases over time. There’s no way of knowing precisely how many mice are on your property at any given time, but as long as they have access to sufficient food and shelter, they will continue to reproduce at a prodigious rate.

Preventing the mice from accessing food will reduce the maximum number your home can sustain and help to speed up the removal process. Similarly, sealing any potential entry points and ensuring no new infestations will be able to infiltrate your property and complicate things.

As the number of mice on your property decreases, you should find fewer of them caught in your traps. Eventually, there won’t be any mice left for your traps to catch. However, just because you aren’t trapping any new mice, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve managed to capture all of them; there might still be a few crafty specimens that have managed to evade your traps. If a couple of adult mice remain on your property, they could breed and start the whole process again. The fewer mice there are, the less food and shelter they will need to survive.

The only way to be sure that all the mice on your property are gone is to check their nest or have a professional pest control contractor do it for you. If you know where the nest is located but can’t get to it, you can confirm all the mice are gone by placing traps by any exit points.

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