How do you know if rats are gone?

There are numerous ways of dealing with a rat infestation. Laying down traps and poisoned bait are the most popular methods and probably the most reliable. Even if you call in a professional pest control business to take care of the infestation for you, they will probably use traps and bait as their main tools. However, one drawback to these passive pest control methods is that it can be difficult to know if and when they have been successful. Whether you use humane traps to capture the rats or lethal traps that kill them outright, you will need to empty and reset each trap after it is triggered. Similarly, you need to replace poisoned bait after it’s been out in the open for a certain amount of time and is no longer enticing to the rodents.

You should check your rat traps daily to see if they need emptying. If you have succeeded in catching or killing every rat on your property, you will find your traps empty. But empty traps don’t necessarily mean you’ve got rid of all the rats; it could mean that the remaining rats aren’t falling for your traps any longer. If you want to be certain that you’ve got rid of every rat that was on your property, you need to know where their nest is. An empty nest is a good indication that all the rats are gone. Alternatively, a professional pest controller can scout your property and report back to you to let you know if you still have a rat problem or not.

Don’t just look for living rats; look for the evidence they usually leave behind. If your traps are coming up empty but you’re still finding fresh droppings, that suggests you still have rats left to deal with. Don’t call it a day until you’re absolutely certain that all the rats are gone. Otherwise, you risk a resurgent infestation.

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