How do you get rid of wax moths?

How do you get rid of wax moths?

So how do you get rid of wax moths? For anyone who keeps bees, wax moths are an ever-present problem that you need to remain vigilant of. Lesser wax moths will only eat from unoccupied honeycombs; they won’t fight with adult bees for their honey. However, they are still regarded as pests, and beekeepers should constantly be on the lookout for them. For one thing, they can carry harmful pathogens that can have a devastating impact on the health of nearby bees and hives.

How do you get rid of wax moths?

As with most aspects of good beekeeping practice, prevention is the best cure with wax moths. Keeping them away from your hives to begin with is a lot easier and cheaper than dealing with the consequences of an invasion.

The only surefire ways of getting rid of wax moths from beehives are freezing and burning. Both methods are very effective, if a little extreme. Whenever you inspect your beehives, look out for signs of a wax moth infestation. If you catch it early, you can sometimes remove the affected brood combs and then leave them in the freezer for several hours (at least five) to kill all wax moth larvae. If possible, leave the frames in the freezer for a couple of days so you can be sure that any wax moth larvae will be well and truly frozen.After freezing is complete, use a sharp knife to scrape any dirt and debris left behind. Make sure you wear rubber gloves while handling potentially infected items.

For the heaviest infestations, you will need to burn the combs to ensure you destroy every trace of the infestation.


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