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How do you get rid of roaches in your house without killing them?

How do you get rid of roaches in your house without killing them?

Roaches are the most common household pest in the world. This is because they can survive harsh weather conditions, eat just about anything, and multiply rapidly. Not only do roaches leave an unsightly mess behind, but their droppings can cause allergies and illnesses .

There are numerous ways to kill roaches. Some of these methods include placing food items like cornmeal or boric acid where they congregate–this poisons them slowly over time. Other types of sprays release fumes that continuously act as a repellent until all the roaches have died out.

These techniques sound easy enough; however, if you don’t want to kill your unwanted guests, what other options are there?

The best way to keep your house safe from roaches is to have a professional pest control service implement a pest management plan for your house.

Pest control services can provide you with different alternatives to quickly eradicate these pesky invaders without the use of hazardous chemicals. Using traps, insecticide dusts, and natural remedies are just some of the many options you have when it comes to killing these bugs .

So, what should you do if all else fails?

Well, the only way to tell if your home has truly been invaded by roaches is by seeing them in person (finding droppings or egg cases does not always mean that they’re everywhere). When this happens, act immediately; seek help from professionals at Bon Accord Pest Control

Cockroach Q and As

Q: What are the signs of a cockroach infestation?

A: Cockroaches leave behind tell-tell signs of their presence. Look out for egg cases, droppings, and dead roaches in corners or behind appliances . An increased amount of these pests in your kitchen can suggest possible problems with your sewage system .

Q: What if I want to kill them myself?

A: Bon Accord Pest Control offers eco-friendly pest control that won’t harm you or your pets. However, before hiring a professional to take care of your roach problem, try the following steps

Clean and disinfect surfaces and be sure to dispose of trash properly. Use glue traps to capture them one-by-one . Bait stations can also help catch roaches as they come out at night . For those who use sprays, make sure the product is non-toxic for humans and pets–remember roaches can die in inaccessible places like behind cabinets


If you suspect that you have an infestation, be sure to contact Bon Accord Pest Control right away.

Bon Accord Pest Control provides professional pest control services to residents and businesses across London and its surrounding areas. Services include pest detection, prevention, extermination and treatment for all pests such as mice , rats , spiders , bed bugs , flies , wasps and other common household insects

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How do you get rid of roaches in your house without killing them?

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