How do rats get into cavity walls?

How do rats get into cavity walls?

So How do rats get into cavity walls? We all know that rats will eventually find their way into the cavity of a building

While they aren’t quite as nimble as their smaller counterparts, rats are just as good as mice at finding their way into places where they aren’t wanted.  Thanks to their ability to compress their skeletons and make themselves as thin and flat as possible. Rats can squeeze through gaps that look like they should be much too small for them to fit through. Because of this ability, rats can make their way into cavity walls through surprisingly narrow openings. Even relatively minor damage to the exterior or foundations of your property can provide rats with the opening they need to get inside and behind the walls.

How do rats get into cavity walls?

You’ll know if you have rats behind your walls, thanks to the noises they make. Rats are generally much bigger than mice, and they make a lot more noise when they scurry around in walls and roofs. If you can hear rodents running amok on your property, your first port of call should be to find the entry point. If you can’t find any obvious openings on your property, the rats may be finding their way in from the sewers. Plumbers and pest controllers can check sewer pipes for any signs of damage using a special camera that they feed through the pipework. It only takes a small crack or a joint that isn’t sitting flush to let rats into sewer systems.

Rats are omnivorous scavengers; they often enter people’s homes in search of food. But sewer rats have all the food they need within the sewer system. It is more likely that they are in your home foraging for insulation.

If you can find the entry point the rats are using, you can lay down traps or poison to take care of the problem. However, if the rats return after a few weeks or you can’t find the entry point, you should call a professional pest controller.

How do rats get into cavity walls?

Rats can access a cavity by chewing through the mortar for brickwork.

As the cavity is vented, they gain entry via these vents then make their way into the wall where they build a ‘nest’. This nest leaves behind copious amounts of droppings and urine which will smell and can damage insulation and wiring. Nests can also lead to the development of serious health risks for inhabitants if rats manage to get into the property.

What can be done to prevent rats from entering cavity walls?

There are a few things that can be done in order to help prevent rats from getting into cavity walls

– Keep all vents and openings clear so that they cannot gain entry

– Repair any damage to the mortar or brickwork as soon as possible

– Fit a rat proof vent cover to any vents that are not in use

– Place rat bait stations around the property to help deter rats from entering

If you are experiencing problems with rats getting into your cavity walls. Get in touch with local pest control ecxperts to use an alternative method.

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Facts abour Rats

  • There are an estimated 10 million rats in the UK.
  • Rats can carry up to 66 different diseases, including typhus and Weil’s disease. They can also spread food poisoning and salmonella.
  • Rats gnaw through anything to get to food, including electrical wiring, which can cause fires.
  • Female rats can have up to 12 babies ata time and approximately six litters per year
  • Healthy rats can survive without water for few days only. They need 50-60ml of water a day.
  • Rats have hair that is virtually waterproof, so they do not usually get wet when it rains or swims in an area with water covering the ground – They need to besubmerged to get wet.
  • Rats are nocturnal animals and they usually activity from dusk till dawn

How To Get Rid of rats

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