How do rats get in the loft?

Rats might be quite large compared to the average mouse, and while they aren’t quite as agile as their smaller cousins, they are still capable of climbing, digging, and squeezing to navigate past any obstacles standing between them and food, shelter, and warmth. Like mice and squirrels, rats often find their way into lofts and attics, drawn in by the dark and warmth. Any damage to internal and external walls can provide rats with the opportunity they need to gain access to loft spaces.

Rats are also much better at climbing than most people give them credit for. If you have trees growing next to your property with branches that come within a metre or two of your roof, or even better, a loft window, rats can easily use these to gain access. Their ability to chew through even relatively tough and resilient materials only makes it harder to keep them from working their way into your loft.

Once rats have found their way into a loft space, they can cause some serious problems. You can say goodbye to any boxes of photographs, Christmas decorations, and other valuables you’re storing up there. Once a rat has made it into your loft undetected, there’s nothing to stop them from indulging in a wanton vandalism spree. If a pair of rats enter your loft, it won’t be long before you have a whole nest to deal with.

As well as the damage they cause to your possessions, rats are also problematic because they can cause a significant amount of damage to your property. Rats teeth keep growing throughout their lives, meaning they need to constantly gnaw on whatever they can to keep them at a comfortable length. Any hard surface they can get their teeth on will suffice for preventing excessive growth. They often choose drywall, joist, and other easily-accessible tough surfaces, leaving property owners with an expensive repair job.

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