How Do Mice Get In The Attic?

So how do mice get in the attic? Mice are small rodents that can get into the attic through a variety of ways. They can enter through an open window, a hole in the roof, or even through an opening in the wall. Mice are attracted to food and will often find their way into your home if they smell it. They will also come in search of shelter from predators and inclement weather. .Pests will also carry disease, so having them taken care of is important.

How do mice get in the attic?

Mice are among the most common pests in the UK, and not just because of sheer numbers. Despite appearing small and relatively harmless, mice are able to survive and thrive in a range of habitats. In many cases, property owners don’t realise that their home or business is suffering from a mouse infestation until the tell-tale signs become apparent.

Other than witnessing the rodents scurrying around with your own eyes, the clearest sign of their presence is fresh droppings. These resemble small black grains of rice and are commonly found beneath sinks and in other areas where the mouse leaving them is unlikely to be disturbed. If the mice are largely confined to your attic, it could be sometime before you notice them.

How do mice get in the attic

Mice are more likely to make their nests in attics in city properties as the higher ground tends to be safer. Mice will take advantage of two primary routes to gain access to attics; open windows and sacks in the exterior. However, any trees and shrubs overhanging your property will provide them with a welcome boost. Of course, if mice can gain entry to your property’s ground floor, climbing to the attic isn’t difficult.

How do mice get in the attic
How do mice get in the attic

The usually mice-prevention methods are the most effective here; seal any gaps in the exterior of your property, ensure that plants and shrubs don’t provide easy access to your property’s upper levels, and lay down mouse traps as you think appropriate. If you don’t know what kind of traps to use or how to use them effectively, call in a professional pest control expert. Once you have laid traps, whether humane or not, you need to check them regularly to see if they are working effectively at catching mice.


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