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How do I safely get rid of roaches in my apartment?

So How do I safely get rid of roaches in my apartment?

So you have a pest problem in your home and it’s time to call a professional pest control company. But what do you do until they arrive? In this article we’ll give an overview of some safe steps for dealing with roaches, as well as the dangers of using harmful pesticides. And don’t forget anything listed here is no substitute for professional inspection by a trained pest control technician.

The first thing to understand about roach extermination is that the little buggers breed very quickly, so no matter how many you trap or kill there will always be more coming because there are just too damn many hiding out around the apartment building! So if you think you have a few, you actually have hundreds…or even thousands!

It’s Important to act quickly and start with the right preventative measures.

Roach preventative measures

How do I safely get rid of roaches in my apartment?

Step 1 – Roaches are attracted to food…even pet food so keep all your dishes clean, put any leftovers away in airtight containers after cooking, don’t leave pet food out overnight and keep trash cans well sealed.

Step 2 – Clean up any spills immediately, wipe counters down with antibacterial spray or wipes , sweep floors often and mop them at least once a week. Do not use insecticides around food preparation areas or where pets will be eating because they can poison the animals as well as the bugs . Moth balls are also toxic to pets who might decide to eat them. Keep small children away from cleaning supplies.

Step 3- Use garbage bags with tight fitting lids and keep them out of reach of children.

Step 4- If you can, try to find out when they usually come around so you know when they will be most active. Roaches are nocturnal creatures but seem to really gravitate toward kitchens at night time because it is warm and smells like food.

They also tend to congregate in dark areas; under furniture, along baseboards, in corners and cabinets where the walls meet the floor. Wall voids provide a great place for roach nests and can end up harbouring hundreds or even thousands…and the eggs never run out! So if your apartment has been subjected to an infestation it’s probably best not to redecorate unless the professional exterminator advises otherwise.

Step 5 – You can try to use baby powder or diatomaceous earth in your walls and baseboards because the roaches will track it back to their nests, bringing them down with them when they die. But you have to continue using these after every few days because the eggs are still being laid.

Step 6 – If you happen to spot a nest of hatched egg cases near any crevice or seam then dust it liberally with baby powder or diatomaceous earth where the little black dots are clustered together…they’re most vulnerable at this time so if enough get taken out, whole colonies might just abandon ship!

Step 7 – Clean behind and under appliances, take off all kitchen cabinet doors and soak up any spilled water under them with paper towels. Store dishes on shelves and slide drawers in all the way so you can wipe under them too. You might be able to get a few nights of relief from this but it is only a temporary solution .

Step 8 – Call a professional pest control company because there’s just no way around it! DIY extermination won’t solve the problem for good and while you’re going through all this trouble, roaches are multiplying faster than ever waiting for their next meal to come out from behind the fridge or stove so they can carry on doing what roaches do best…gobbling up whatever food spills on your floor, drinking from your dog’s water bowl, pooping in every corner of your lovely apartment and satisfying their insatiable appetites on whatever they can chew.

It’s just not worth the hassle and headache! Professional extermination is the only way to put a stop to all of this so don’t hesitate or think you can do it yourself because trust me , unless you have some kind of magic potion up your sleeve there aren’t any quick fixes. It’s definitely an effective method but takes time for complete eradication which is why…

If you know someone who needs pest control services, please share this article with them! This is really good information that might come in handy if their apartment building has been infested.

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How do I safely get rid of roaches in my apartment?

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