How do I hatch moth eggs?

Contrary to popular belief, adult moths don’t eat our clothes or fabrics. It is their larvae that cause the damage; the immature specimens that have recently emerged from the moth’s eggs. If you have adult moths in your home, chances are good that they have laid some eggs somewhere. Once those eggs hatch and the moth larvae emerge, 

As with any egg, moth eggs need to be kept safe and protected while they develop. Clothes and carpet moths (which are in fact the same species) begin their lives as eggs; the first stage of the life cycle. Adult female moths search out an appropriate nest, somewhere they are out of view and unlikely to be disturbed, and can lay anywhere from 50 to 100 eggs each time. She doesn’t lay all one hundred eggs in one go. Instead, the egg-laying occurs over several days. Once a moth has laid an egg, it takes between four and ten days to hatch. The primary factors in determining when moth eggs hatch are temperature and humidity. If you want to induce moth eggs to hatch, keep conditions in your home warm and humid.

As you would expect, moth eggs are small and hard to detect. Female moths also choose to lay their eggs where they are least likely to be found. Most of the time, you won’t know you have moth eggs in your fabrics until they have hatched and the larvae have started devouring your clothing.

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