How do I get rid of tiny orange ants?

So How do I get rid of tiny orange ants?

Small orange ants are called the Pharaoh Ant, they live in nests and have a variety of diets. They can survive on almost anything from meats to sweets. In some parts of the world these ants will attack weak or injured animals for food also. Despite their name, they don’t just stay around sandy areas like deserts but thrive in urban settings and homes, and most types of food will be quickly eaten by these ants.

How do you get rid of them?

Keeping pest control in your home is a must if you have issues with tiny orange ants. Even the cleanest homes won’t reduce the chance of an infestation but once one happens it is vital that you use professional pest control services to remove them from your property. This will prevent further ones returning later down the line.

 If you’re not able to keep pest control then there are several ways to evict these ants from your home

– Leave out some ammonia solutions close to where they are entering the house; they’ll avoid this and after a while they won’t come back in here

– Use mint oil to wipe down all of the surfaces in these areas; they won’t eat this and it will make it impossible for them to nest here

– If you need to repaint then do so, the ants will avoid the smell of paint and be rerouted elsewhere

– You can also use cinnamon or chilli powder to deter them, they’ll eventually give up if they are exposed too much.

So How do I get rid of tiny orange ants?

Call The Ant Exterminator

If you have tried all of these methods but still have issues with your pests then it’s time to hire professional pest control services. These pros are trained in how best to remove these tiny orange ants from your home entirely. They should be able to find out where they’re entering from and plug that hole so that none ever enters again. We Highly recommend Bon Accord Pest Control. They are extremely well priced and have several years of experience dealing with these ants specifically. The service they provide is first class, totally discreet and safe for you, your family and pets. You’ll also get a full customer care package so if any issues do develop after the treatment you can call up their 24/7 helpline for help immediately.

Get rid of ants same day 24/7 and find more tips for fighting ant infestations!

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