How do I get rid of mice with kitty litter?

How do I get rid of mice with kitty litter?

One of the main reasons people domesticated cats was that they are so effective at hunting mice and other rodents. Cats today still have these strong hunting instincts, but not every cat can be bothered to go hunting when they know their owner will provide them with all the food they need without them making any effort at all. However, even if your cat isn’t an expert hunter themselves, they can still help you rid your home of mice using their kitty litter.

Kitty litter is usually designed to reduce the odours given off by cat waste, but when you’re repelling mice, you want the exact opposite. Unscented cat litter, or cheaper brands that are less effective at covering up smells, will be more useful for mouse deterrent purposes.

Before you get to work, slip on a pair of gloves as cat urine can contain some nasty viruses and bacteria. Then, grab something to scoop the kitty litter up with (a garden spade works well) and scoop up a decent amount of used litter. You need to use litter the cat has urinated on for it to be effective. Place the used litter in an uncovered container before placing the containers in any areas you think mice are using to enter your home. If there are multiple entry points for the mice to use, you can place containers at each one.

When the mice smell the cat urine, they will know there’s a predator nearby. This doesn’t absolutely guarantee they won’t come onto your property, but it will be enough to deter most would-be home invaders. You can also use these containers to drive away mice that are already in your home, although they might not work near mouse nests, which generate quite a stink of their own.

So How do I get rid of mice with kitty litter?

You can try to get rid of mice with kitty litter by placing it in areas where the mice are seen. The kitty litter will act as a deterrent and will hopefully scare the mice away. You can also try using a trap to catch the mice. If you have a lot of mice, you may need to use both methods to get rid of them completely.

5 facts about house mice

  1. House mice are small rodents that typically weigh between 10 and 25 grams.
  2. They have a pointed snout, small ears, and a long tail.
  3. House mice are commonly found in buildings and homes where they feed on cereal grains, pet food, and other household items.
  4. They can breed rapidly, with females giving birth to up to six litters of young per year.
  5. House mice are known carriers of diseases such as salmonella and hantavirus, which can cause serious illness in humans. They should be handled with caution.


Now that you know a little more about house mice, you’re likely wondering what kind of damage they can do to a home in terms of their nests and droppings. Mice usually live in a wide range of conditions that are near food sources. They may come into your home through tiny cracks, holes or even just open doors when they sense an opportunity for food.

How To Get Rid of mice

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