How do I get rid of mice/rats crawling in the walls in a house?

So How do I get rid of mice/rats crawling in the walls in a house?

There are few things more distressing than the sound of mice or rats scratching inside your walls. These rodents can be an enormous problem for homeowners, as they often leave droppings and urine on exposed surfaces like countertops, sinks, kitchen appliances, etc. Rodents also carry diseases that pose a serious health risk to people living in infested homes.

How to get rid of mice crawling in the walls in house

The first step towards getting rid of these creatures is finding out where exactly they are coming into the house from. Professional pest control services like Bon Accord provide inspections and treatments specifically designed to keep rodents away permanently. Treating rodent problems begins with determining the type of rat/mice you are dealing with; there are several options – roof rats, Norway rats (which burrow under houses), common house mice, etc.

Each rodent has their own preference of nesting areas which leads to the next step- inspection.

Professional pest control services

Professional pest control services will have full access to your home without being detected by rats or mice, allowing them to pinpoint exactly where they are getting in from. Bon Accord provides detailed reports listing problem spots and suggesting possible solutions for each entry point the rodents are using. Once you have an idea of where they are crawling out, it’s time for treatment! Preventing reentry is the final step towards eliminating rat/mouse infestations. The professionals at Bon Accord offer treatments available in many forms including sealing off entrances, applying ground treatments around your property, installing traps near common rat/mouse activity, and much more!

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