How did my rat get lice?

How did my rat get lice?


So How did my rat get lice ?

Any animal with hair or fur can act as a host for lice and other ectoparasites, parasites that live on the outside of their host’s body. Fortunately, lice infestations are rare in domesticated rats. Most cases result from a domestic rat coming into close contact with a wild rodent. The good news is that the lice that infest rats are specific to the species; they don’t jump between species, so a person handling a lice-infested rat isn’t at risk of becoming infected themselves.

The clearest indication that your pet might have lice in their fur is them scratching themselves much more than usual. As well as the harm they can do to themselves from scratching; lice infestations can also lead to significant blood loss, resulting in anaemia. Left untreated, this can ultimately prove fatal for a pet rat.

If you notice your pet rat scratching more than usual, you should check them carefully for visible lice and eggs on their skin and fur. It’s usually easier to spot the lice and eggs on rats with lighter fur, and it can be nigh on impossible to see them if your rat has very dark fur. Even if you can’t see the lice for yourself, intense scratching and general restlessness for multiple days in a row suggest that your rat is probably dealing with a lice infestation, and it’s worth applying a topical treatment just to be safe.

A vet can make a definitive diagnosis for you and suggest the most appropriate treatment option. As well as topical treatments, there are some medications that can take care of lice infestations quickly and efficiently. These are usually added to the rat’s drinking water and ingested orally.

As long as your pet rat doesn’t come into contact with any wild rodents, it’s unlikely they will become infested with lice.


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