How deep does a rat wall need to be?

How deep does a rat wall need to be?

So How deep does a rat wall need to be? Rat walls are a simple but effective method for preventing rats from burrowing beneath patios and other outdoor structures. When most people think of rats breaking into people’s homes, they imagine rodents climbing through open windows or scurrying up drainpipes. But rats are also excellent diggers, capable of burrowing beneath walls and other barriers standing between them and food and shelter. Rat walls are easy to build; they usually don’t consist of anything more than a metal mesh attached to the base of a structure.

How deep does a rat wall need to be?

While rats are excellent diggers, they can only burrow so deep beneath the surface. As a result, rat walls don’t need to be very deep to be effective. For most structures that sit on the ground, a rat wall only needs to be around one foot deep to be effective. However, the wall needs to include a 90-degree outward turn at the bottom to prevent rodents from burrowing under it and rendering it useless. For a rat wall 1 foot deep, an additional half-foot of mesh should be enough for the horizontal portion.

You can always make your rat wall deeper than this if you want to make absolutely sure that rats won’t be able to tunnel under it, but a depth of one foot should be enough if the wall is properly constructed. Rats usually don’t burrow more than 1.5 feet beneath the surface, so they are unlikely to dig beneath a wall of this depth. If it’s essential that rats can’t make it past your wall, you might want to go deeper than one foot. But for most people, this will be enough to protect whatever lies beyond the rat wall.


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